Oat Foundry

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What is Oat Foundry? With degrees in engineering and faced with the well-tread path to conventional jobs, we endeavored to do something different. This group of tinkerers, beer brewers, machinists, and bakers came together to work toward a common passion: bearing witness to our world evolving -- not around us, but through us. To that point, we formed a company to create products that are honest and elegant. We resolve that “can’t be done” is not in our lexicon because too many good ideas simply have yet to be done. Interested in the potential of rapid prototyping? We can model and 3D print with astonishingly short lead times. Have you been told your dream can’t be made? Us too. We understand that design is iterative and involves learning, exploring, and playing. Above all else, though, it requires listening to the product, the process, and the solution. Because only hearing the softest detail can drive the questions we’re answering. We are driven. We are listening. We are Oat Foundry.