To make a long story longer, I used to be a diesel engine technician. It was a career that I thoroughly loved and enjoyed, but the overall physical fatigue and demands from that line of labor had the potential to limit my future well-being. The decision to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering was a logical solution to replicate this enjoyment from working on engines, but also a decision that would provide better future career opportunities.

My academic endeavor was less-than conventional, as I was also responsible for a mortgage and funding my own tuition. Although I am married, I am not the type of individual to rely entirely upon my wife with the burden of financial assistance. An unfortunate result of my stubbornness is the notion of accepting an internship, as it could provide an obvious educational value but lacked necessary financial requirements. My participation in on-campus race car teams provided the perfect opportunity to obtain design experience, and to promote these designs in a competitive environment.


  • California State University - Sacramento Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering 2017 graduation
Area of Expertise


Elk Grove, CA, United States