I am a passionate, fresh designer with a natural talent for visual design. My personal focus is on architecture and interior spaces, but my creative and practical approach has a wide range of uses. I use Revit the most, and I can create components (families), floorplans, 3D and photorealistic renders, section views, and more. I am also skilled at AutoCAD and can create isometric, 2D, and 3D drawings and blocks.
I operated my own business in designing and building furniture and decor items for personal clients and have designed and built nearly all the furniture in my own home. I am harnessing my lifetime experience of design and building, and honing my new CADD skills to build a portfolio that showcases my style.
Largely self-taught, I increase my knowledge daily in architectural modeling and design through structured practice, heavy research, and practical application (designing objects by hand or in CAD and then building them myself). As a student in both vocational training and at university, I have previously amazed teachers and colleagues with my original conceptions in residential, interior, furniture, and commercial designs.
Fun fact about me: Before there were any real computer aided design programs to practice in, I used the game enterprise, The Sims, for the sole purpose of designing and building a variety of homes and commercial spaces with stunning interiors and creative spaces.



Austin, TX, United States