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At Krizma Landscape S.A.R.L., we specialize in creating Superb Outdoor Environments for homeowners who appreciate creative and unique designs that are crafted as their own Personal Resort, all while blending harmoniously with their interior living spaces.
We are inspired by nature and completely responsive to the environment and architecture of each property because we believe a residential landscape is an extension of the homeowner’s taste and lifestyle, the residence’s architecture and interior design, and the many roles of outdoor living – entertaining, relaxation, contemplation and recreation. Landscape is an integral part of the HOME.
Krizma Landscape team works with you, bringing inventive ideas and solutions to your property that are both fresh and practical.
To each landscape concept, Krizma Landscape team bring exquisite vision, creativity and experience. 
Please call Krizma Landscape S.A.R.L. for a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your site and landscape design hope and goals... 


  • Lebanese University, Master of Agricultural Engineering Major Landscaping 2003 graduation