My main specialisation is in CAE projects - mainly computational fluid dynamic using open-source software. In 2010 I have obtained my Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Warsaw University of Technology treating my master dissertation on aeroelastic effects of dynamical loads from flapping wings.
From 2010 until 2012 I had followed the second Master degree in Physics working on numerical simulation of physical properties of binary star systems.
From 2013 until 2016 I worked on numerical modelling of reactive flows and fluid-solid interaction using OpenFoam obtaining PhD degree from Politecnico di Milano. In the meantime, I have been involved in several freelancing projects using CFD dynamic ranging from aerodynamical simulation to multiphase flow.

Considering my background my expertise is mainly in CFD simulation but I have also worked with numerous CAD software developing complex models for my simulation


  • Politecnico di Milano Doctor of Philosophy, Aerospace Engineering 2016 graduation
  • Warsaw University of Technology Master in Engineering, Mechanical Engineering 2010 graduation
Area of Expertise


Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand