Self-motivated visionary, Mohammed Ehshanus Shams, started his journey involving outsourcing from 1992.

Mr. Shams began working on Data Entry but later decided to switch to a different type of work involving Drawing Conversion. He built a company named, CosmoSoft Systems, a CAD and GIS Drawing Conversion Company. He has worked on drawing types such as Facility Management, Architectural, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, HVACs and Map Digitization with database integration upon request.

He is highly experienced in this field. He has served clients in countries like America, Switzerland, Germany, Australia and Japan. Some of the clients were IBM, National Security Agency, BROT Scann & Kopiertchnik, Lockheed Martin, Scan Conversion Services, Avantix, etc.


  • Far Eastern University Bachelor of Architecture 1989 graduation


Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh