Global rank:
5,558 / 38,240
Skill pts: 5


In 2016, I graduated from mechanical engineering department of the faculty of engineering Alexandria University with overall grade very good (76.4%). In addition to this, my graduation project about the natural gas network optimization includes Chapter about power to gas applications which depend on solar energy to generate electricity, then the electricity is used to separate water into Hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis to blend the generated Hydrogen in the national network to raise the calorific value of the natural gas and I accomplished this project with excellent grade also. Furthermore, I attended several Internships in Sidi Krir power plant, Alexandria Petroleum Company and Portland Titan cement Egypt Company, and also I participated in designing and assembling many machines and mechanical parts as shown in my curriculum vitae. Lastly, I have studied the mechanical engineer diploma in Oil and Gas Skills institute which is certified from the Egyptian petroleum ministry and I have been ranked the second with (95.8 %) and have gotten a recommendation letter from OGS which admits me as a qualified engineer.


  • faculty of Engineering Bachelor, Mechanicaal Engineering 2016 graduation


Alexandria, Al Iskandariyah, Egypt