Agus Muhayat Saleh
Global rank:
15,188 / 35,495
Skill pts: 0



Fourteen year experiences at aerospace industry in the field of Engine and related system.
4 years (hidden) as design engineer for fuel system and 10 years as a leader of design group since 1990 up to 2000 with wider responsibility to handle Engine mounting, Engine nacelle and engine control system.
The job responsible is performed preliminary design, design improvement, managing the job, including control and monitor the job since design phase, fabrication, installation, functional test until certification phase by authority.

Five year experiences (hidden) in electronic company_Japan Company as a head of section to manage more than 70 employees. The product is metal component for semiconductor. The process its self is metal forming, trimming and cutting using down set tool with high level precision.
The main task and responsible is performed continuous improvement of product quality for company target achievement; control the quality of product to meet customer requirement and product delivery achievement.
Perform the manpower management, manpower and fixed asset budgeting. Familiar with Stamping tool, Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen, PPAP, FMEA..

I have been working for 10 years in US Company with field still in aerospace as lead engineer. The designed and jobs that I have craeted and involved:
- Pneumatic Ducting for various aircraft
- Weld fixture, Vibration Fixture for Duct assembly
-C Seal, E seal and Seal forming dies
-Weld fixture for Bellows
-Stamping dies for diaphragm of Bellows
-Lead of saving cost project
-Prepare preliminary model and BOM for Bidding.

2. Skill
- Expert in in design engineering
- GD&T
- Very familiar with Process manufacturing ( machining, Forming, Casting, Molding, welding)
- Lean Manufacturing



Batam, Riau, Indonesia