Self-employed - Freelance work on two fields:
- Officially: Architecture, Design full residentials and commercial environments,
- Unofficially but full professional:
1. 3D modeling, 3D for printing, sculpting, shading.
2. Corporate events design, construction, trimming and lighting.
3. mechanical engineering, machinery design, casting, all kind of mold design (heavy and light metal, glass, plastic, .... investment, diecast, air, ..... )
4.Interior/exterior design.
5.Electronics: Schematic-Layout-pcb design(Audio, Radio, controllers.....)

Many years of practical experience in design and architecture of constructions and creative compositions in response to innovative requests.

After I was graduated as an architect, I decided not to leave out my other loving fields.
I found out that there are several views of the same subject generated and influenced by different point of views and different fields of feelings or even psychology;
I found out that you can merge the pure styles of art with the required science in a unique creativity and I concentrated all my energy on this field most enjoying it.