How Much Does a Trademark Cost?

Information on Trademark Law and the Costs of Registering a Trademark

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Cost to Trademark

When it comes to registering a trademark, there are two primary costs which need to be considered. First, there are the USPTO trademark fees, which are predictable and relatively easy to calculate for any application. The other cost to consider is the legal fees, which will vary from one application to the next according to the specifics of the trademark being registered. Cad Crowd's intellectual property lawyers offer qualified services at competitive prices. The fees below are estimates of our costs, and while they are generally reliable please be aware that the actual cost of any application will differ from the following costs depending on the complexity and specifics of the trademark being registered. Please contact us to get a quote for a more accurate estimate. The longer it takes to file an application, the more you can expect it to cost. 


USPTO Trademark Fees

See this page for a list of relevant USPTO trademark fees.


Legal Fees 

Initial consultation: $100

Trademark Searches: All trademark searches include a review of all the marks found, a summary of the search, and a legal opinion. A trademark search includes:

Opinion and Search Fees:


Application (Federal):

Please be aware that most USPTO trademark fees are charged "per class". Goods and services which fall under multiple classes in the International Classifications of Goods and Services will be charged a separate fee for each class.

 Examination and Response

Expect to wait 6-9 months after filing your application before hearing back from the Trademark Office. At this point you will receive your first "Office Action", ie. an official response by the Examining Attorney. You can expect at least one Office Action, and quite often applicants will receive more. If affidavits, appeals, further documentation, or the like is required then you can expect additional time and USPTO fees. Because of the situational variability, we cannot provide a reliable estimate of the costs associated with Office Actions. Generally, you can expect costs of reporting and responding to the USPTO Office Actions to be between $750 and $1200. Expect significantly more if the USPTO is unsatisfied and responds with another Office Action.