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Dan Madgwick

Dan Madgwick

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CAD to Sketchup Conversion

CAD to SketchUp conversion service is the process of converting computer aided design files into something that can be used on the SketchUp program. A lot of CAD files use different file formats than the ones on SketchUp, so before you are able to use your files in that program, you will need to convert the files to something usable. Preparing the file for use in SketchUp is a bit of a complicated process that involves a number of importing steps to complete, making it a tricky, time-consuming ordeal if you do not know what you are doing. Instead of wasting time trying to accomplish this, you can turn that work over to the CAD to SketchUp conversion freelancers at Cad Crowd. We offer you the chance to work with skilled experts who can convert any CAD file to the appropriate file format to be used in SketchUp.

There are a number of steps in the long process of converting the different files. In order to make importing simpler, these steps need to be completed perfectly, which can be difficult if you're unsure of how to do them. Changing unsupported elements is the first step in this conversion. There are a lot of elements that CAD files can bring with them to SketchUp, but there are a few that are not compatible. These include dimensions, proprietary ADT or ARX items, text, hatching, and XREFs. To change them, in certain CAD programs, they can be exploded into block entities that can be used by SketchUp as they are turned to SketchUp components. Furthermore, if the CAD block is exploded into polylines, they will also be usable in SketchUp as polylines or lines.

Unnecessary layers must also be deleted. This includes things that have no relevance to the 3D design, including logos, texts, dimensions, hatching, and others. This is best if you want to avoid a lot of empty layers in the SketchUp program, so they must be combed through and deleted. Geometry also needs to be moved closer to the origin. If the geometry is too far away from it, it can stir up some issues with performance. It is important that this geometry is changed before importing.

Reducing the file size may also be necessary. CAD files are easier to import when they are no more than 15 megabytes. Importing larger CAD files may take too long or may fail completely; the smaller the file, the faster the importing will be. Furthermore, files that are too long may slow things down.

These are just a handful of the intricate tasks that must be taken care of before importing, and the CAD to SketchUp conversion freelancers at Cad Crowd know how to handle these and all of the rest. Leave it to the professionals. Choose who you want to work with, or allow us to choose the one we think is best for you. Whichever you choose, talk to Cad Crowd to get a free quote on your project today.

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