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CAD design forum. Discuss CAD projects, product design, 3D modeling design, industrial design, 3D drafting, and anything else having to do with design work!
Discuss crowdsourced design challenges and contests. Current and past contests, things you've learned, and advice for other designers.
Discuss your ideas and feedback on how we can work together to improve our community as a whole.
Ask technical questions related to Cad Crowd and CAD design and share knowledge to make the community a great learning environment for everyone.
Manufacturing and 3D printing forum. Discuss rapid prototyping, contract manufacturing, additive manufacturing, 3D printing design, and getting your product made.
News and community updates
Patent forum. Discuss USPTO patent searches, how to get a patent, applying for a patent, and patent questions. Find and share patent information.
Have some great new invention ideas? This forum is for entrepreneurs to discuss starting a business, product licensing, and profiting from their idea.
The Cad Crowd Team uses this forum thread for new project requests from clients. Note: Please use the "Quote form" if you need help with your CAD design or engineering project.
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