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Les Orton
We got caught out. We employed some one, from a different site, to do a PCB design. His profile said he was from Norway. Later after we had gotten the files we discovered there was a problem. It turned out he was from China and had put up a false profile.
It goes without saying we would not have given him the job had we known where he was from.
Ratinder Kaur
Inspired by the pirated-software discussion, several expensive software packages actually have
fairly passable options. Many people are using this instead of InDesign for several
years to make websites using text-file editors & rendering, through open-source
solutions, and others, perhaps in the same boat. Instead of pirating software,
if you are just starting out, you may use some of these packages like:
·        2D CAD - QCAD, PythonCAD, CADEMIA
·         3DCAD/Modeling – Sketchup, Blender3D, BRL-CAD
·        Other assorted Modeling/Informationsoftware - Google Earth
BIM (Building Information Modeling)
·        BIMfor Rhino
·        GreenBuilding Markup Language (not really BIM, but helpful open file format to be used
on the basis of BIM interface with an open-source modeling software)
Rendering Software
·        PoVRay
·        YAFray
·        Kerkythea
Raster Graphics
·        GIMP
·        GIMPshop- an extension for the Gimp, making interface more Photoshop-like
Vector graphics
·        Inkscape
·        Scribus
·        OpenOffice, a layout portion of the software
Web design
·        Kompozer
Project management software:
·        OpenProj
·        Web2Project
·        Taskjuggler
·        Onepoint
General office software
·        OpenOffice
·        Phoenix 
As i know, developers of major CAD systems extensively use free and open source software to develop their products. Most of the design work can be done in cheap software (Rhino,  Moi, T-Flex, Kompas). It is overkill to use CATIA on simple box with rounded corners. Most designers think that expensive software add some magic to their primitive designs. 

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