Discussion on making money with new invention ideas and licensing your new product

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MacKenzie Brown
The goal of this forum thread is to ask questions and sharing ideas on how to making money from product licensing, new inventions and product ideas. Topics might include tips on getting your product idea licensed to a product manufacturer, getting distribution in big box stores, business plans, running a startup and raising money from angel investors. 
Hi, now I'll tell you my story about making money, etc. At the very beginning, I always wanted to make a lot, but unfortunately I became only an engineer in the company. And, as you understand, I was not paid much, I lacked the salary that was offered. I started googling a little something and came across side hustles . And I realized that I finally began to earn extra money and at the same time did not spend a lot of time on it, which can make me very happy. Therefore, good luck guys in making money :))

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