Cad Crowd Forum Guidelines

The rules below should be followed when using the community forum. These rules ensure a fun and effective user experience for all of our members. See this link to learn how the forum will build your community reputation.  

General Rules for the Forum

  • Do not post your contact info like email, address, full name, telephone number, and other contact information.
  • Do not use the forum to market other websites or forums. You can share your work if you want feedback and insights from other users.  
  • The forum is meant for Cad Crowd website feedback, contest discussion/learning, technical questions, learning tutorials, industry best practices and news related to the industry as a whole.
  • If you want to showcase your work or CAD designs to get peer feedback, it should be posted in the CAD Model Showcase board. Please share a maximum of one new project per week for showcase.
  • Only use English when posting topics answering questions.
  • Don’t take advantage of the points/reputation system by upvoting yourself, re-posting old topics, or creating spammy posts.
  • Be respectful of other points of view. It’s okay to disagree respectfully and provide constructive criticism.

Topics to Avoid

  • Be respectful of others. Avoid insults, swearing, racism, religious/political discussion, etc.
  • Posting adult content, violent themes or content unrelated to the community as a whole.
  • Posting content that contains copyright protected material.
  • Excessively negative feedback about the other users or the community.

Reporting Violations

If you see a user that doesn’t follow the community guidelines, please use our contact us form and explain the issue.


Community members that break guidelines may receive a warning or temporary suspension from the forum. A permanent ban may be issued for a member that violates the guidelines repeatedly.