Do Covid in Style: Innovative New Copper Masks to Stay Safe and Look Great!Blind

in 3D Modeling Design held by Brett OBrien
TIME REMAINING: 3 days, 13 hours
High level, I would like to produce Covid Masks from a Hemp fabric that are fashionable, with a Copper Mesh as the breathing apparatus. The copper can be the entire face plate or just the mouth and/or nose.

The mask has to be very comfortable and easy to wear and to clean/wash.

Copper has many anti bacterial/anti virus benefits, and many cooling benefits. Hemp fabric also has cooling benefits. The Copper needs to be a type of mesh so it is easy to breathe in and out (vs. through the fabric, which creates heat).

The copper component needs to be breathable (small holes through the mesh) or some other approach.

One challenge is breathing out air into a mask creates Heat. A HUGE innovation would be if there are way to Cool the Mask (w water, a fan, etc) -- anything to keep the person wearing the mask cool.

These products will significantly improve health outcomes. In addition, they will be positioned as fashion statements -- so the Cool factor is very important.
Design quality, functional ability, Comfort, fashion/style, and ability to produce samples quickly to produce the launch product affordably (on a per mask basis), and at scale. Also interested in exploring new ways to support the mask on the head (vs over the ears). Most interested in out of the box, innovative ideas...
Don't Wants:
derivative designs and ideas
Ask for Sample:
Not a requirement but would be a Huge Plus!
Additional Information
My intention is to help millions of people by producing a type of "mask", that keeps viruses from spreading (via the sender) and keeps people from getting infected (from the receiver).

The product does not need to even be a Mask. It can be any apparatus that keeps a person from breathing in their own carbon dioxide, which creates heat and poor circulation of air. As a simple example, place your hand in front of your mouth and breath out - it is very hot. Then place your hand in front of your mouth and breathe in, it is very cool.

My theory is that Masks, as currently imagined, may be creating health problems for people and also, they are not entirely optimized for preventing health problems. Current masks make it difficult to breathe in easily, and create a sensation of heat on the exhale -- both of which are bad for one's health (particularly the elderly).

I am most interested in ideas that come from Nature (Biomimicry). There are many examples of metals that have anti-bacterial properties (copper, silver, etc.) and many examples as to how animals and plants ward off disease.

If there is an opportunity to somehow include water in the solution, that would be of interest -- think baby wipes or misters.

High level, the apparatus must result in:

1) Health -- preventing the spread of a virus, as it relates to inhale vis a vis infected people and exhale, so as not to infect others
2) A cooling sensation -- so that a person is not enveloped in hot air from their exhale
3) An ability to inhale clean air easily.
4) Fashionable and Comfortable -- people need to Love the product in order to use it. We must create an innovative and fashionable product in order to help people help themselves.


#8 The Copper Breathable Mask by Saurabhverma
Here is a brief concept idea that I am working with. Please have a look and provide the feedback for some functionalities.
Aug 5, 2020 20:24
#7 Concept 1 by studio701
submitting 1st concept. Awaiting your feedback & suggestions.
Aug 5, 2020 16:18
#6 Hemp Fabric Mask - Copper - Stylist_ver02 by Gregorius Giga
Hi Brett OBrien,
This is my second concept, Your feedback will helpful for us. Please give a note about what do you wanna do with my 2nd concept.
Thanks and Keep Healthy, Giga
Aug 5, 2020 12:40
#5 Cooling system copper mask by Afif Rizky Adrian
mask with a cooler inside. how it works The incoming air will be filtered by a ventilator. then the air you exhale out will enter the nozzle and lead to the blades of the fan blades and give a temporary cool effect. the way the craft works like a propeller on a centrifugal compressor
Aug 4, 2020 10:11
#4 Innovative face mask made of Hemp fabric & perforated copper film by MILARS
An innovative face mask made of Hemp fabric & perforated copper film with anti-virus and antibacterial property.
Aug 3, 2020 12:53
#3 Hybrid Mask by Chaniago
This hybrid mask is a combination of two functions of the exhaust fan and breathing valve. For the copper layer placed in the middle with a method that can be replaced when the copper filter is dirty. Breathing valve and exhaust van finish gold coating. On the exhaust fan there are 3 buttons, the first is the power button, and numbers 1 and 2 for variable speed exhaust and there is a usb hole on the bottom that is used for charging. And for ear lops I use polyurethane which is clear type.
Thank you
Jul 31, 2020 20:42
#2 Covid Mask - ver1 by Gregorius Giga
Hi Brett OBrien,
This is my first concept for the simple hemp fabric mask with 0.5mm copper plate in the mouth. We are looking for your feedback and let me know about what do you wanna do with my concept.
Thank you and keep healthy, Giga
Jul 31, 2020 6:23
#1 Fashionable, Long lasting, reusable, washable, copper mask by vipulp
Hidden design
Download Files
Dear sir
I made copper mask for covid 19 pendemic. I have used cupron reusable 3 layers wowen in 3 stages. first I have used at air suction between front cover and bracket. second at inside of exhausting cover and 3 rd inside face closure. I have given cooling holes in exhausting cover , when man exhausted air from neck then spreads automatically outer side. I have used cupron reusable 3 layers wowen inside with glued face closure . when hot air spreads from exhausting cover then after it reached out from holes automatically due to internal hot air pressure , second when hot air comes to contact surface on copper woowen then cooled automatically by naturally. when air forward to face closure holes then again comes contact to copper wowen and made cooled again and will go to outside from small holes. This cycles will continued every second and still meet continued cooling air in inner area. I have no practical samples for mask but it can tested by 3d printing for prototype and approved for next stages.
Jul 30, 2020 11:43


Mon, 27 Jul 2020 14:54:18 +0000
Hey Brett
This competition looks very interesting. I will be happy to submit a design asap. Cheers!

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