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I need a baby spoon that keeps the food closed inside the spoon so that it doesn't spill or open until the baby is ready to eat. Most of the time he is not ready to swallow the food. When he is pressured into eating, he has learned to swing at the spoon and knock down the food on the spoon. This spoon mechanical design will only open open a parent pressing a button for the spoon to open.
the spoon should be oval like an egg and always closed. When babies are ready to swallow, a small button on the side of the spoon can open the spoon and release the contents
Don't Wants:
I don't want another baby spoon. I need the button to open and close the baby spoon. I don't want the spoon to be bulky and should have a slim profile.
Ask for Sample:
Please provide sample of design of spoon
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#23 EVN_Babyspoon2 by EVN
May 30, 2020 13:28
May 30, 2020 16:54
#42 SSSS-SIMPLE STYLSIH SLIM SPOON- Final design preview by armghannaeem
Jun 1, 2020 15:27
#13 Slurpy by Pablo Gosso
May 27, 2020 23:26
#7 Spoon design by eddlad
May 25, 2020 14:25
#48 Baby Spoon by Mahbub
Jun 1, 2020 17:35
#41 Baby Spoon Design 01 - Details by ahmadnazree
Jun 1, 2020 13:50
#33 Sliding Baby Spoon by Panji Firmanul Hakim
May 31, 2020 15:56
#29 Revised Baby Spoon Design by houlejenna
May 30, 2020 21:05
#47 baby spoon design by halgaonkarsaurabh
Jun 1, 2020 17:33
#55 Spoon Functionality Video by houlejenna
Jun 1, 2020 19:31
#44 Baby Spoon by Mahdaoui Houcin
Jun 1, 2020 15:46
#39 Baby Spoon Design 01 by ahmadnazree
Jun 1, 2020 10:10
#6 Baby Spoon by REDA
May 25, 2020 9:36
#30 Baby Spoon2 by Yuri_Des
May 30, 2020 21:30
#1 baby Feeder spoon by Artificer-kbg
May 23, 2020 7:22


Sun, 24 May 2020 11:53:08 +0000
Specifically what type of food are we talking here? Is it liquid type like gerber or solid tyoe foods? To what what age or months of babies is this spoon design for?

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