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This task requires calculating which profiles to use for a gallery structure!
No need to design or draw anything in this task. Only calculate.

The attached plan was made by an engineer for building a gallery in my house from steel profiles but I suspect the profiles he chose are an over kill so I'd like to hear some more opinions. I assure everyone I will ultimately build the gallery under his approval.
The 40 square meters gallery is to be used for 2 living rooms for my kids. It will hold normal furniture that such rooms should hold.
The main beam would be HEA, IPN or another profile you may recommend for decreasing the profile height.
The main beam would be made of 2 parts welded together and an RHS or IPN pillar underneath the connection point. I am not sure yet where the pillar would be, therefore I need the main beam profile calculated for 2 options: 390cm + 600cm or 270cm + 720cm.
Each part of the main beam might be a different profile so please calculate the minimal required profile for each part.
I would also like to know what profile measures I would need if there was to be no pillar in the middle of the main beam and it would be a one piece of 990cm.
All other 3 sides of the gallery have an existing wall and part of this wall has an existing reinforced concrete belt (yellow in the drawing). There are also 4 existing reinforced concrete pillars as appears in the drawing.
It is planned to have a UPN profile (welded together as one) all along the 3 other sides.
The whole structure will be supported by 6 RHS pillars (the main beam middle pillar might be IPN) that will be attached with Jumbo screws and chemical adhesive to reinforced concrete floor.
At the back plane of the gallery the 3 RHS pillars are very close to existing reinforced concrete pillars. Is it possible to attach the UPN to the existing pillars and make do without these 3 RHS pillars?
The main beam and the back plane will be connected with 15 IPN beams.
I still don't know if the length of these beams will be 429cm or 470cm so I need both options calculated.
The floor surface will be made of several layers for isolation with 30mm pine wood at the top.
I need to know what are the minimal measures for all the profiles in my plan and according to which assumptions the calculation was done.

One last question. Above the gallery there is a 10meters wide by 8 meters long wooden shingle roof (as in the photos) that is supported by small wooden pillar in the middle. I need to install a 10meter steel beam from side to side at the middle of the roof so that I can remove the supporting wooden pillars. What would be the minimal IPN profile to use for that? Would IPN 100 or 120 do the job?

Calculate the following profiles:
Main IPN or HEA beam at 720cm + 270cm (2 different profiles?):
Main IPN or HEA beam at 600cm + 390cm (2 different profiles?):
Width IPN beams at 429cm:
Width IPN beams at 470cm:
RHS pillars:
IPN pillar:
Roof 990cm IPN beam:
Any improvement suggestions are welcome.
Detailed and accurate results with explanation of assumptions.
Don't Wants:
Just numbers without explanations.


1st Winner
#1 Optimization Analysis by Gustavo
Hi. My name is Gustavo and am a Civil Engineer with 6 years of Structural Engineering background. Here is my Optimization analysis for the contest. Noticed that beyond the simple analysis, I worked with real optimization process during the calculations, comparing sections, calculating forces and answering each of your requirements. I guarantee that the results are accurate, and the lighter & lower profiles were chosen for the construvtion.
Thank you for the contest;
Almir Gustavo
Jun 13, 2018 19:47
#2 Construction calculations by Mahbub
Jun 16, 2018 22:59


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