Interchangeable frisbee disc design

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Looking for a qualified individual to draft a CAD design for a disc golf disc aka frisbee disc that has a standard center core that can be screwed into exchangeable outer rims. The design must be within specs that I have outlined and feature an air tight interlocking design that will not come loose when the disc is thrown or hits an object. Production of this item would be injection molded with TPE.
Accuracy of specs outlined, design and feasibility of real world use.
  1. SolidWorks
Additional Information
1. Diameter: 21.1cm diameter (including core + interchangeable outer ring)
2. Width of outer ring 2.3cm
3. Be within PDGA technical standards (see below)

Disc must not be less than 21 cm in outside disc diameter, nor exceed 30 cm in outside disc diameter;
(4) not exceed 8.3 g per cm of outside disc diameter;
(5) not exceed a maximum weight of 200 g;
(6) have a flight plate that does not exceed 0.5 cm in thickness, including any raised features such as
lettering, ridges, nipples, and other thickened parts. Discs with a thickened section atop or underneath
the flight plate, however, may increase to 1.0 cm in flight plate thickness in this section only, provided
that this section:
(i) is circular in outline;
(ii) is between 5 and 10 cm in diameter for an area with a uniform thickness that is centered on
the center point of the disc; and
(iii) gradually thins from the thickest section with a maximum slope of 60 degrees at the outer
edge at a slope that averages no more than 50% (or 22.5 degrees) relative to the surrounding
part of the flight plate. No part of the underside of the flight plate may be closer than 0.3 cm
0.5 cm to the plane defined by the bottom of the rim.
(7) have a smooth surface on the bottom part of the rim; that is, a surface free of any irregularities such
as protrusions or depressions. When placed on a flat surface, the rim must have no discernible gaps
between itself and the surface on which it is resting.
(8) have a rim area, beyond the top of the flight plate, that does not include any surface elevation that is
more than 3mm above the outermost edge of the flight plate.
(9) have a rim width no greater than 2.6 cm (Does not affect discs approved prior to 1/1/08);
(10) have a circular inner rim no less than 15.8 cm in diameter. (11) have a rim configuration rating of 26.0 or greater;
(12) pass the leading edge radius test with a 1/16" (1.6 mm) radius gauge;
(13) beveled edge design

I have CAD files of existing disc golf discs that have the profile required if necessary

Tech specs in detail found here :


#12 Frisbee by pavan davera
2015-06-25 12:03:21
#11 InterDisc by Jezdo
All dimensions according to PDGA technical standards, and Injection molding ready!
2015-06-12 19:45:37
#10 Interchangeable frisbee disc by pavan davera
2015-06-12 16:32:32
#9 frisbee disc by pavan davera
smooth and smart according to the specifications
2015-06-12 16:08:27
#8 disco golf by ssarmiento
2015-06-10 18:17:25
#5 Frisbee Disc Forever by REDA
Download Files
2015-06-01 09:12:11
#4 Frisbee Disc Forever by REDA
Download Files
2015-06-01 08:48:52
#3 Snap Disc by rlassman
Disc golf disc with a separable core. The core snaps in and out of the rim using lip and grove fastening. The core and the rim should be made with different thermoplastics. I.e. The rim should have a higher tensile modulus than the core, this way as the disc spins centrifugal forces will cause the core to expand more than the rim.
2015-05-29 23:06:38
#2 Frisbee_GD_25/05/15 by Dave_G
2015-05-25 00:17:00
#1 frisbee disc by mostafa gad
it is just a design of a very normal frisbee disc because i really don't know what you want
2015-05-21 20:13:08




Thu, 11 Jun 2015 12:26:56 +0000
What kind of TPE will you use?
Will you use TPE for the whole disc or just the outer rim?
Please be more specific, because I need material density information to calculate the weight of the disc.

Wed, 10 Jun 2015 16:37:28 +0000
please give the feedback
Mon, 18 May 2015 19:41:56 +0000
Please send more details hand sketches etc...
Wed, 13 May 2015 19:25:04 +0000
Please submit some specifications to the project so us developers can know what to design!

- Jeffrey Edwards



Wed, 13 May 2015 05:50:33 +0000
Hi Chris,

Please remember to include attachments so the designers will fully understand your project. If you need help including these, please refer to this link and our help pages.


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