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I need a small button that syncs with my iPhone. Essentially, i want to be able to click this button, and then whatever i say, it will go in my iPhone.

It can be as simple as a 2cm by 2cm piece, or a 5cm by 5cm piece. Whether its circular or rectangular doesn't matter.

I would like it to be able to be charged (if it needs), and have bluetooth capabilities to connect to your phone.
Button no bigger than 5cm by 5cm, either circular or rectangular. Black, silver, or white as the colour.
Don't Wants:
A big chunky piece of equipment.
Ask for Sample:
I only need 1 for a sample, and then a large order will come.
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#31 Easy Button by krushna jadhav
Download Files
May 4, 2015 12:33
#30 Easy Button by pilotjeffedwards
May 3, 2015 23:08
#29 idea 2 by simon_d_98
May 3, 2015 17:38
#28 Easy Button Idea 1 by simon_d_98
May 2, 2015 21:12
#27 button O connect by abdillah yusuf
May 2, 2015 6:34
#26 Button colourful by angel consultancy
Apr 29, 2015 9:48
#25 Button by angel consultancy
Apr 29, 2015 9:47
#24 Bouton by REDA
Download Files
Apr 28, 2015 14:07
#23 easy button light, black silver / push to talk by Decimo
Download Files
Apr 23, 2015 1:16
#18 EasyButton / Push-to-Talk by pilotjeffedwards
Apr 15, 2015 20:30
#17 button_voice_recorder by Bert007
Apr 14, 2015 1:30
#16 easy_button_c1 by tomaz
Apr 13, 2015 11:31
#15 iPHONE Accessories by Mrigendra
Apr 11, 2015 20:13
#14 Push & Talk Button by Thulani
Apr 9, 2015 9:54
#13 Smart Button by sandeep carpenter
Apr 9, 2015 6:34
#12 Button_001 by Dmytro Velenets
Apr 8, 2015 10:05
#11 Cubicle by Ahmad Arif
Apr 8, 2015 4:36
#10 MyEasyButton by Soigres
Apr 7, 2015 22:58
#9 Push-to-Talk by pilotjeffedwards
Apr 7, 2015 21:15
#8 Easy Button by DesignerRavi
Download Files
Apr 7, 2015 18:47
#7 Concept 1 by DesignerRavi
Download Files
Apr 7, 2015 16:19
#6 4 x 2 cm plastic switch by Priyank
Apr 7, 2015 12:15
#5 Button Connect by REDA
Apr 7, 2015 11:35
#4 Bouton Connect by REDA
Download Files
Apr 7, 2015 11:27
#3 Bouton Connect by REDA
Apr 7, 2015 11:26
#2 Sync button by Marko
Apr 7, 2015 10:31
#1 button by ER.jay
Download Files
Apr 7, 2015 6:42




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Mon, 06 Apr 2015 08:10:23 +0000
Can you upload sample pic or link for our use ?

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