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Think that the transition to Revit is too much for your business. CAD Crowd’s large pool of freelance contractors offers a wide range of CAD design services including BIM consulting. When properly implemented, Revit can make the drafting and design process even more productive. Let CAD Crowd help you out today.

The creation of Revit a has made coordination and collaboration among various design and building teams much easier than it used to be. Using a BIM Modeling program like Revit allows you to integrate all the different building information from the different phases of construction into a single software environment. It gives everyone from the CAD designers to the builders on the construction team access to the entire plan from start to finish. A BIM modeling program that is supported by Revit can help massively increase productivity of the firm. Implemented correctly, it can help a company accomplish much more work while expending the exact same amount of resources. CAD drafting contractors from CAD Crowd can help give your company the Revit experts that it needs in order to make the most out of the program. Our freelance CAD experts know how to work closely with builders and architect firms in order to help them unlock the true benefits that come with transitioning to a 3D modeling program like Revit instead of AutoCAD

How Revit is Different from AutoCAD:
Parametric versus solid: While AutoCAD uses blocks and solids to represent a building, Revit uses true parametric components in their 3D building models. These components carry information with them about their relationship to other objects around them, allowing for a more accurate building model.

Easier Organization and Data Sharing:
Revit stores these parametric components in family files that contain many different styles. This allows for easier organization and sharing. AutoCAD only allows CAD Designers to store their blocks into individual DWG files.

Higher Degree of Flexibility:
These parametric families give the drafting and design team higher degree of customization and functionality with the components. It makes it easy to modify and align the different planes and subcategories of the different objects. Revit also allows you to create intelligent parametric objects and to quickly upgrade the existing ones.

Single Environment:
While AutoCAD enables your workers to retrieve project data from multiple file, Revit takes it a step further by storing all the project data in a single software environment. This allows your design team to work on the same project file and then merge their changes into the building model with every save.

Sketching Tools:
AutoCAD features an Object Tracking feature that allows you to sketch a new object and easily place it into the model. Revit features an Alignment Guide that virtually does the same thing plus a tool called Temporary Dimensions that allows for more appropriate placement within the building model.

Multiple Views:
Revit allows the CAD drafting team to work on the components from any view they need to. Whatever schedule or perspective that they need to see it from (plan, elevation, section, ect…), Revit give them a clear idea of what they are working with.

Better Visibility Control: The AutoCAD viewpoint feature is a freeze/thaw/on/off type. The visibilityof the Revit components are controlled by the Category Visibility feature.
Common Problems that Can Occur with Revit: While Revit is a great 3D modeling software program, it does have a few perceived problems that give businesses pause before they release it on their drafting and design team.

These Are:

  • Low productivity: This usually occurs during the transition and can be solved by outsourcing the right kind of CAD design services.
  • Complications: Smaller firms often see Revit as a risk because it is sophisticated software. The right freelance CAD expert can also help streamline the learning process.
  • Disruptions: Taking on new 3D software can obviously disrupt the business infrastructure. Hiring a suitable CAD drafting team can help make the transition smoother.
  • Resistance: Once a CAD worker becomes accustomed to a certain software such as AutoCAD, it takes them some time to accept a new way of doing things. Outsourcing freelance BIM consultants can help with this as well.
  • Legal Liability: Since we all like to know whose fault it is, Revit’s ease in accessibility makes it hard to pin the error on a specific team or firm that is collaborating on the project. Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest road blocks to the implementation of it in many businesses.

The Potential for Using Revit: While there are many problems when it comes to transitioning to a sophisticated 3D modeling platform like Revit, there are also many advantages that far outweigh the potential problems.

These are:

  • Better Productivity: When properly utilized, a platform like Revit can vastly increase productivity allowing you to get more work done without having to add more resources.
  • Ease to Use: While it does come with a learning curve, Once it is fully understood, Revit is a great tool that CAD Designers and builders tend to really appreciate. It actually works in the same way that designers and architects tend to think.
  • Streamlined: Once fully integrated into your building process, BIM Modeling software like Revit can do away with many inefficient steps and vastly improve overall workflow.
  • Conflict Detection: All of its features allows Revit to detect design conflicts, allowing your CAD drafting team to remove errors before construction actually begins.

Revit is certainly here to stay, so CAD design services better get used to dealing with it. Once they do, they will realize how much easier it can make their the whole design and building process. CAD Crowd has a large pool of CAD drafting experts that can help with your transition into BIM. Finding the right CAD contractor to get you on the proper design path is just a few clicks away.