Exploring 3D Logo Designs for Your Business or Company: Discover Logos and Services 

3d logo design services

Do you need to design a new logo for your organization or company? As long as you have the resources, the best thing you can do is to commission or hire a designer. While a 3D logo design might sound simple and easy enough on paper, ask any 3D logo designer, and they will surely tell you it’s not. Like any design process, creating a 3D company logo design is rare. Working with the best logo design company is the secret to getting the best logos to give the best value for your money. Here are some 3D logo design ideas you can use for your business or company:

3D gradients 

Many company logo designers love to add dimension and depth to 3D logos using 3D gradients. Fully editable alphabet folds and twists over itself, similar to a ribbon, and the progressions of pastel colors will add a further dynamic feel and look to your logo. 

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Abstract design 

Abstract logo designs are the perfect choice if you want to baffle the minds of your target market. This method lets you produce shapes such as triangles or circles to represent the ideas you wish to showcase to your customers. Google is one of the top brands that use abstract logos for its suite of products. Almost all Google apps consist of individual shapes, from Google Meet to Google Drive, forming a cohesive design. 

Classic icon

The classic icon design is an excellent example of logos with icon elements. You need to add several iconic elements to create a classic icon logo. Classic logos look professional and elegant. Icons are simple images with meaning that you can use to represent your product or company. For instance, a clock perfectly represents time, while a globe, heart, and tree represent the world, love, and nature, respectively. Similar types of images are also used in 3D logo designs. These logos often use a single color without any shading, making the logo more explicit. 

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Creative Lettering

Choosing the right font is crucial to communicate business identity or personal brand. This is why the best logo design company constantly monitors the latest trends in innovative logo lettering. Minimalism is a hot trend as brands go out of their way to ditch unnecessary details and decorative flourishes. Stripped-back letters can do that, making them the ideal option for modern and social-first companies or individuals. 

Highlights and shadows for more depth

You only need to follow some simple rules if you want to come up with a compelling logo. For starters, it’s recommended to create depth. This also means you need to add highlights and shadows to your logo. These are two essential elements of a logo. Shadows are those parts seen on the sides of the logo. These are dark and help create three-dimensional effects. On the other hand, highlights are those parts on top of the logo. 

Your shadow and highlight colors should match, and they will create depth once they do. Using various color gradients, you can add highlights and shadows to a 3D logo design. The gradients can also create depth. A simple and plain logo can be tedious and less attractive if it lacks highlights and shadows. A top 3D designer can add these elements to create the most effective logo for your business or company. 

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Cube logos

 In case you have not noticed, cube logos look like they are specially made for 3D logo design. It’s all thanks to the visual they create that makes the market see you at the center of your field or industry. Cube evokes this unique image that anything inside is central and essential to your business. Try to envision it in a three-dimensional design. Your cube will pop and grab your target market’s attention and interest for its sense of organization and sheer uniqueness. 

Geometric logos

Scalable symbols can add some excellent elements to your company or business’ visual identity that can be carried across a range of marketing platforms to enhance brand recognition. Try to learn and harness the eye-catching appeal of mathematical shapes and let the 3D modeling design service incorporate them into your 3D logo design. 

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Hand-drawn logos

Hand-drawn logos are an effective way to promote your company or business. Manually drawing your 3D logo design will make it easier for your target market to understand your message. The good news is that numerous software programs can help you create 3D logo designs. However, you need to have excellent design skills to use these programs. You must also practice drawing to develop a nice hand-drawn 3D logo. Hand-drawn 3D logos are gaining popularity because they are eye-catching, simple, and affordable. 


Imagery is another popular type of 3D logo design. These are 3D logos that work well for brands that wish to convey their company’s message in the most visual way possible. Imagery often features an element of science fiction or fantasy that makes them even more appealing. 

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Realism refers to the artistic approach to typography and design that highlights the actual use of a typeface. It involves designing a font that uses the letters that show up in the final product. It simply means that reality should always serve as the basis of your design. In other words, your design should be grounded in reality and should make perfect sense. The design must also be believable and credible. 3D logo designs that incorporate realism must exude a realistic feel. This way, people will see your logo as something real. It will also make people assume that it symbolizes a company with a stellar reputation. 

Lettermark logos

Lettermark logos can add a unique touch to your company or business name. You can pair the initials of your brand with exciting color palettes, such as psychedelic colors or gradients, to create an illusion of movement. 

Monogram logos

With monogram logos, you’re allowing the letters to do the actual talking. At the same time, you also get to provide a broad scope for overlapping elements and creative combinations. 

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3D logo designs that feature sensory elements are recommended for brands that wish to connect with and tap into the emotions of their audience. When hiring a graphic designer for designing a 3D logo for your business, ensuring that every logo element truly represents it is imperative. It’s common for companies to use logos that exude an emotional appeal that allows consumers to feel a sense of connection with the brand. You can use special images or effects to create such logos to represent your products or services. 

Sensory 3D logo designs can also appeal to the audience and make them relate to the brand emotionally. For example, logos that exude a luxurious lifestyle are perfect for brands that wish to convey a high-end appeal or sense of luxury. With a heightened level of class and sophistication, these logos can work wonders to attract more new customers. You can also design them with special effects for a more powerful visual impact. 

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In this modern world where it’s essential to set yourself apart, you must be creative, unique, and original; sensory logos can help you stand out. If you have a burger business, for example, your logo must include an image that will make people crave a burger. It must also have an element that your audience can easily recall so you’re always top of mind whenever they feel hungry for snacks. 


Typography is an element often used to create a lasting impact among consumers. Typographic logos can give your business or company its own identity. That’s why it’s essential to be familiar with your target audience, as this will serve as your basis for typographic logos that suit them best.

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Animated 3D logos 

3D logo designs can already do an amazing job of grabbing the attention and interest of your target audience. However, using animated 3D logos can help you go much further. Adding movement to one or several elements of your logo is the secret to creating jaw-dropping animations that you can easily achieve with the help of a software program. To achieve it subtly but effectively, you must add tiny gestures of movement across your logo. You can separate the elements of your logo design and assemble them afterward in a creative, bold, or more playful way. 

How Cad Crowd can help 

A 3D logo design is one of the first things your target market will notice when they see or hear about your business or company. The last thing you want is to avoid confusing them using the wrong design. Cad Crowd is a platform where you can find the best 3D logo design company to create the perfect logo for your needs.