Beautiful 3D CAD Designs in These Furniture Design Contests

furniture design contests

Furniture for your home can be as personal as the type of clothes you wear or the kind of car you drive. When someone steps across your threshold and sees your taste in furniture – modern, retro, whimsical, abstract – there’s an instant identification of who you are through your choice of design. But it’s not always easy to find exactly what you’re looking for, or even something that’s close in your mind.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could shop the world to find what you’re looking for, even if it’s unique? In essence, that’s what Cad Crowd facilitates by showcasing contests allowing you to be the judge of the best design for your purpose. If you look the sound of that, take a look at these past contests that gave the exact result on somebody’s wish list.

As we started by talking about furniture, let’s look at some contests in this realm. A recent competition focused on wire bed frames and the submitted designs were incredible.

Wire Bed Frames Design held by TAM2

It started with a super modern design like this one from designer Baltanebalta who described it as “rusticly minimalistic.”

wire bed frames design

Take a peek at this fairy tale look by designer Ricky3DVFX, with leaves at the head and branches to look up at as you enter the nocturnal dream world.

wire bed frames 12

This sophisticated entry by designer Sujon who has not only developed a piece that would highlight many bedrooms, but is also described as being very comfortable.


Or, how about something that would give a Bauhaus feeling to your nightly sojourns into the ethereal world, such as this concept from Kring Architecture?


But, it doesn’t have to be big like a bed. A recent lamp contest requiring modern designs using spacecraft material came up with 59 innovations crafted in carbon fiber.

Modern Desk Lamp Made of Carbon Fiber held by Peter-SDI

Look at this sleek design by designer Aminzeinvand that would certainly meet the requirement of looking contemporary. It can even be carried to a different location easily by having rechargeable batteries as an energy source.

lamp 33

A concept called Black Swan by Flaviano Crespi looks like a modern piece of art on a desk until it’s turned on to be used as a lamp.

lamp 43

This funky design by Akuma X looks perfect for giving ample illumination to a large desk surface area with its multi-positioning lights.

lamp 14

Because space is an overall theme, why not have a desk lamp with a rocket design cut into its frame. Not only does the rocket lamp by Antonn look sleek, it sheds light effectively over a surface.

lamp 60

These are just five samples, meaning there are 54 more innovative designs in this contest to be considered. Designers may even provide certain concepts that a contest’s owner may not have considered in their original idea or in their mind. The power of going global and tapping into the creative abilities worldwide is a major feature of using Cad Crowd’s contests. The final decision of choosing a winning design could possibly be a difficult choice.

How does Cad Crowd do this? This CAD company works with product designers, inventors, and graphic artists and puts them in contact with people anywhere on the globe who want something specifically designed for them. Cad Crowd doesn’t just wait for something new and interesting to come along before making it available to the marketplace, it gets input from people who need something unique and original – like a couch to ergonomically view sports features or a movie on a wide screen, or a bookcase that melts into the surroundings to be hardly noticeable.

To get the inventive juices flowing, Cad Crowd invites individuals looking for something unique or custom-built to begin a contest that is then broadcast to all corners of the world. Cad Crowd has a database of creative people who take their skills very seriously and submit design bids that meet the contest’s requirements. The person who started the contest, possibly you, will judge all the entries and determine which design is most appropriate for their purpose or application.

Once you’ve picked your winning design, only the winner will receive the prize that he or she won, even though you get to keep all the entries. Many entries may be submitted; sometimes dozens or even hundreds, and you get to pick which one is right for you. The savings to you are gargantuan and the process is time efficient by having multiple choices from skilled individuals before a contest closes. It’s like having a box of colored candies, but you only want the red ones, and that’s what you get.

Need a design? Post a challenge to start a design contest with Cad Crowd.