CAD Projects Recap: 5 New Designs from the Cad Crowd Gallery

headphones gadget cad design

Another week, another opportunity to highlight some of the awesome CAD design projects that have been posted to the Cad Crowd gallery!

1. Panela Mill Machine Parts Engineering Design by Edward Calderon

infrastructure design machine

This project is a great example of the expertise Cad Crowd has to offer. This component is part of a mill for processing panela, which is unrefined sugar cane. This piece was designed and manufactured under the supervision of Calderon, who also validated the parts using finite element analysis.

2. Wireless Earphone Gadget Consumer Products Design by Dany

headphones gadget cad design

These are some pretty sexy futuristic looking earphones, and that’s not the kind of thing one often says about earphones. At first glance, they don’t necessarily look like headphones… Anyways, a very sleek example of consumer product design that’s sure to attract some interest.

3. Oyster Bar and Restaurant Architectural Design by Rufus Edmondson

NYC east river farm architectural desig

Speaking of futuristic, take a look at this urban oyster farm! Beautiful, forward-thinking architectural design from a masterful designer. The combination of form and function!

4. Silicon Bottle Strips 3D Modeling Design by Cad Geek

bottle strips 3d modeling design

Product marketers have a bit of a challenge on their hands when it comes to shampoo. At the end of the day, shampoo is soap. And there’s not gonna be a super huge difference from one brand to the next. They gotta make people feel like their shampoo is cooler, edgier, sexier, or otherwise better than the competition. Plus you don’t want people to drop it in the shower! These super fly silicone strips will make a bottle stand out.

5. Residential Project 3D Modeling Design by Laurentiu

residential home design cad projects

How sweet is that house? The perfect size, the perfect combination of traditional and modern, super unique, and totally cool. I would want to live in that house. Who wouldn’t want to live in that house? The awesome lawn lights only add to the appeal.

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