A Handful of Cad Crowd’s Top Product & 3D Designs in 2019


Keeping plastics from entering the environment is a responsible and practically worldwide mission, with many countries banning the use of plastic bags, straws, eating utensils, plates, and containers. During 2019, designers were tasked with developing alternatives to plastic with some interesting options. 

Cad Crowd’s Top Designs of 2019

Reusable Packaging


For example, a steel constructed paint can has the lid to double as a tray for paint rollers or brushes. Designer Jorge Gomez from England came up with the idea that would eliminate having to clean up trays after being used.

Getting the contents out of a can is often harrowing with the threatening sharp edges of a pull-tab lid, but Jorge developed a container that dispenses with any fear of getting a nasty slice on your hand with his easy-open system.

In fact, Cad Crowd clients have started a movement among product designers to quickly develop rethought or entirely new packaging design and utensils to replace our overdependence on petrochemical products. The way these designers are bringing their ideas to market is through the online freelance product design hiring platform Cad Crowd.

Kitchen Tools


Even coconuts have got in on the act. This drupe has a place as an ingredient in food dishes, drinks, or just being consumed by themselves. The trick, however, is removing the white edible portion once it’s cracked open. American Chris Hazzard has come to the rescue by developing The Coconut Tool, which is now available to be of assistance in any bar or kitchen. Then, the environmentally-conscious can always use the hard cleaned-out exterior as a cup—just sayin’.

Something is magical about freshly brewed espresso for coffee lovers. This device is possibly the wizard for java aficionados.

By having this portable espresso machine, your brew will always be there for you.  Said cad from Morocco (where coffee is a staple) developed the device to run on a rechargeable battery so that drinking hotel room quasi-coffee becomes a thing of the past.

Sports Equipment


Companies and individuals looking to start a new product turn to Cad Crowd for the sheer number of detail-driven design freelancers it has available. An impressive worldwide database of CAD professionals is certainly an asset, but it’s also Cad Crowd’s guarantee that no design will be approved for its clients until all parameters and guidelines are met and often surpassed.

Along with the food we intake, along comes the often unwanted by-product of being overweight.  That’s when another freelance design product is a good investment—the Helix Lateral Trainer from Italy’s Flaviano Crespi.

Or for a little Zen in the day, Argentina’s Pablo Gosso has designed the Zench, which as it sounds, is a bench for meditation that’s lightweight, collapsible, and comfortable.



Regardless of the item or concept, chances are probable that a Cad Crowd industrial design service has designed it. In the field of economic personal transportation, this contemporary kick scooter by Aminegn from Canada would probably grab a lot of visual and consumer interest. On less than perfect weather days, head down to the store or go across town in your Vector by Pakistan’s BMKDesign, who touts the vehicle as being a possible solution to rapid personal mobility in congested cities.

Maybe the skies are the answer to personal transportation as the ground becomes more congested. Flaviano, who we met before with his physical training equipment, shows us the future with his Flying Wing that features vertical take-off and landing.

There really is no end to what can be designed by the Cad Crowd team. Naturally, someone with an idea or invention can approach a bricks-and-mortar business that almost always carries a large overhead by operating behind a storefront with employees, but freelancers have the feature of little or no overhead by operating from their homes.

The savings can be substantial to you and you still get professional designers backed by a reputable online company. These are not just empty words with established companies and institutions such as Tupperware, Yale University School of Medicine, and Tiffany & Co. using Cad Crowd to develop new designs and concepts.

Cad Crowd is also accredited by Better Business Bureau, as well as receiving five stars from Glassdoor, and high scores for its ease of use, quality of support, and ease of setup. Compared to its competition, you’ll discover as a client that Cad Crowd provides that extra component to make you feel that your project really matters and is of utmost importance in the production of a quality end product while sparing your budget from decimation.

Unique Tools


Another example of the diversity of Cad Crowd freelancers is a collection table that was required by a bottling plant where bottles at the end of a production line finally arrive. Michael Dimou from Greece used his mechanical engineering and product design skills to develop this device that can be easily moved from one location to another.

Architectural Design


Perhaps you might be considering having your bedroom restyled so that it looks something like kabbo created for his client. Or put the WOW factor in your apartment with the help of someone like Andreea Cbz from Romania.

Cad Crowd’s Freelance Professionals Can Assist You with Your New Year’s Projects

Whether you have a small project to something more grandiose, for yourself or on behalf of a company, Cad Crowd freelancers use the most advanced software to create designs that you would be proud to own or unveil at a company meeting. All inquiries are given strict confidentiality and the initial feasibility meeting is complimentary.

If a design is in your future, let Cad Crowd quickly and economically develop it from being a concept to a tangible item. Take the initiative and discover how Cad Crowd has overwhelmingly satisfied a rapidly growing list of global clients. Get a free quote today.