9 Ways You Can Use 3D Rendering for Marketing

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Marketing plays a crucial role in ensuring that your business will continue growing. You have to invest in different marketing techniques for your brand to stand out and attract more customers. 3D rendering is frequently being used in marketing. While it has many uses, th 3D rendering market has been utilized by many businesses for marketing purposes, which is said to be valued at $1.5 billion in 2018. 3D rendering will only continue to grow in popularity and use. With its affordability in recent years and the ability to showcase products and brands in a crisp and high definition manner, it’s no doubt that 3D rendering will continue to prosper.

But first, what is 3D rendering?

3D rendering defined

3D rendering is the process of creating high-quality images from three-dimensional data. The 3D data can come from the scanned product or a CAD file converted into 3D wireframe models and run through a rendering machine. 3D interior rendering services uses software that calculates light, shadow, color, and texture to produce highly precise photorealistic 3D images. With 3D rendering, costly marketing photoshoots are eliminated. Achieving a flawless product presentation is now possible with 3D rendering.

Uses of 3D rendering for marketing

Let’s take a look at some uses of 3D rendering for marketing.

Product presentation

Showcase your products through an interactive presentation. Existing clients and potential customers will have an exact representation of the concept you are trying to sell. 


3D rendering helps you convince your clients by showing them an immersive exhibition of your product.

Modernize your brand

Leveraging your brand through the latest technology brings you to the edge of the competition. The use of 3D rendering for your marketing campaigns will also give your clients the sense that you put a lot of effort into your brand. 

Sell the experience

3D rendering gives your clients a glimpse of what your customers can expect from your product. This will let them visualize and experience the product well before the actual release date. Selling the experience before market endorsement will help customers identify the use of the product for them.

Fixing of details

While product photos can be fixed, nothing is better than 3D rendering when it comes to fixing flaws. The use of 3D rendering gives you the freedom of making revisions countless times without affecting the photo quality. 3D rendering in marketing lets you come up with highly precise and detailed photos of products making them look more realistic.

Separates production

3D rendering separates your marketing team from the production team. This means the marketing team can push through with their campaign instead of waiting for the production to come up with the final prototype. This will save your business money and time, especially when the prototype needs numerous revisions.

Promote your brand

In today’s highly competitive environment where everyone has access to all sorts of marketing platforms, customers tend to be more interested and impressed with brands that focus more on visualization rather than wordy marketing promotions and propaganda. Existing and prospective clients are more inclined to buy from companies and brands that communicate through visuals like 3D photos and videos. With 3D rendering, you are not just simply telling your customers but showing them what you can do. 

Cost-efficient marketing

Your marketing team’s main goal is to reach as much audience as possible. With the various forms of marketing platforms and the need to produce the product, this means spending extra time, effort, and resources to push through with a final prototype for a photoshoot. 


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Because of that, 3D rendering is an effective yet affordable way of coming up with an interactive product without the need for the high cost of a production team.

Customization for advertising areas

3D rendering gives you the flexibility to use the 3D renderings to fit all types and sizes of advertising specifications. With 3D rendering, you do not have to deal with issues in sizing requirements. In just a matter of minutes, you can scale down or scale up a file for a billboard or a business coupon.

Bringing precise ideas to life

3D rendering brings your creative ideas to life. After all the hard work, drafts, and revisions you have to go through just to get you to your production goals, 3D rendering can streamline the process. Not only that, but nothing is more rewarding than seeing your hard work finally paid off through a photorealistic outcome.

Why 3D rendering?

There are many reasons you should consider using 3D rendering. Here are a few of them.

  • 3D rendering is extremely versatile. The power of 3D rendering lets you come up with materials for billboards, business coupons, product packaging, trade shows, brochures, and print ads with different backgrounds without having to go on an actual location shoot. 
  • No need for a physical product before a photoshoot. You can showcase your product regardless of the actual production phase. Your marketing team does not have to depend on your production team.
  • Budget-friendly. 3D rendering saves you the costly product photo shoot each time a new product is released or an update is needed. The use of 3D rendering technology may require a substantial initial or investment cost, but they will save you a lot of resources and money in the long run. 
  • Environment-friendly. The use of photo paper for a photo that is mostly used once will just end up in the dumpster just like the rest of the waste that can cause environmental harm.
  • Gives you more control over your design. Take advantage of the ability to take care of even the minor details of your design without hurting the image qualities. This advantage can give your brand the benefit of highlighting your product in the room by using the right lighting to showcase the product’s best features.

Creating products or marketing your services to your target audience can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and expensive. Given the technical methods involved in the design, drafts, and final production, it is believed to be one of the most challenging parts of creating new products.

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