6 New Designs from Cad Crowd’s Freelance 3D Modelers


We’ve got a large stable of talented freelance 3D modelers and CAD designers, and they’re always plugging away. The Cad Crowd gallery is constantly being updated with fresh new designs from our global network of 3D artists. From time to time we like to share some of those great pieces of work with the blog. So without further ado, here are six awesome examples of CAD work recently uploaded to Cad Crowd!

1. Exterior 3D Rendering Architectural Design by ArchiCGI


This piece is mind blowing both for the quality of the rendering and for the incredible architecture of the design. The swoopy, wave-like roof, the warm light, and the deep awnings… Breathtakingly photorealistic. The design is for a hotel, apparently located exactly in the middle of paradise. It seems an oasis within an oasis. Absolutely a hotel I would like to visit.

2. DJ Grab 3D Modeling Design by REDA


This chirpy little fellow dropping the beats is Grabby, AKA DJ Grab, AKA the 2nd place winner in Grab Cad’s Golden Gear Trophy Awards 2015. Grabby is a nice reminder that great 3D modeling design doesn’t have to be photorealistic — it can also be cartoony! Spin on, DJ Grab. Spin on.

3. Table Lampshade 3D Printing Design by 25@rt


One of the glories of 3D printing is the ability to create whole new styles of objects that take advantage of the unique geometries made possible through additive manufacturing. This funky lamp shade concept is a prime example. That wonky lattice structure would be a nightmare to manufacture using conventional production techniques, but is no problem at all for 3D printers. Could this be the next lava lamp?

4. Royal Letter Opener 3D Modeling Design by MAINAK MITRA


Letter openers are one of those things that almost everybody has but no one seems to really use. Like many such things, their true purpose is really to look pretty, and this letter opener is serving its purpose well. Like many of the awesome designs on Cad Crowd, this one was made as part of a crowdsourced design challenge.

5. Hand Gip for Selfie Stick 3D Modeling Design by Ivan Zerpa


When taking pictures of yourself for the internet, it’s important that you have a firm and comfortable grip on your selfie-stick. You want to be documenting yourself in style and comfort as you visit tourist attractions or cook a particularly excellent breakfast, not worrying about dropping your phone in the soup. No matter how you feel about selfie sticks, you have to agree with the quality of this rendering!

6. Slingshot 3D Modeling Design by Cad Geek


This great design is for a low-cost slingshot. It’s always nice to see things that are meant to be cheap also look cool. Just because you’re on a budget don’t mean you ain’t got style! These would definitely be a step or two up from the classic forked stick, anyways. A great rendering from a designer who understands product design.

If you’re impressed by some of the work here and are looking to hire CAD designers, you’re in the right place! We connect clients with world-class product design services and freelance 3D modelers for projects of any size and scope. Find out more about how we help clients complete their projects, or get a free quote today.