6 Fresh CAD Designs from the Cad Crowd Gallery

3d rendering interior design bedroom

The Cad Crowd 3D model library is a treasure trove of inspiring CAD design and incredible 3D modeling work. It’s always being updated with some of the finest 3D design on the web. So here we are with another installment of the Cad Crowd gallery recap with 6 fresh CAD designs that will blow your socks off!

1. Wearable GPS Pet Tracking Device by rob@neontoad

GPS pet locator cad design

This is a great idea and a great design. This cute little device is designed to be threaded onto a dog’s collar, so that in the unfortunate event of the dog getting lost, their people can track them down via GPS. Like a seatbelt, it’s a comforting safety device you hope you never have to use. Unlike a seatbelt, it looks super cool. Designed to be solar-chargeable, with a micro-USB port, and with the pet’s comfort in mind!

2. Cost Effective Novel Mobility Aid by Jorge Gomez

mobility assistance device wheelchair 3d modeling design

Another design with a great application. This novel wheelchair design is made from easily obtainable and replaceable parts, making it suitable for regions where more expensive, conventional equipment might be prohibitively costly. This affordable mobility aid was designed with rural India in mind and is constructed mostly from low-maintenance steel pipe, which can be manufactured locally. A great design that meets a real world need!

3. Western Star 5700 Day Cab Semi Truck by RolandStuDesign

truck cab 3d modeling cad design

You could be forgiven for thinking that there was a photograph of a truck. But look closely! That is, in fact, a 3D rendering. Notice the attention to detail on the inside of the cab, the tire treads, the headlights — on everything, really. A truly gorgeous piece of 3D modeling. See the link for more images.

4. Music Player USB by Aarna Solutionsmusic playing usb CAD design project

Sometimes great design is about taking something ordinary and make it extraordinary. This USB design is a paradigmatic example. While USB sticks have become unremarkably common, this classy design with the sliding case definitely stands apart. A stunning USB device: who’d have thought?

5. Center for War Veterans by AnjaK

center for war veterans architectural designWow. Here’s another CAD design with an incredible attention to detail. A gorgeous rendering of a unique design for a veterans center. The irregularly shaped wings of the structure have a kind of old-school aesthetic that is well suited for the building’s purpose. A great piece of architectural design and 3D modeling. See the link for more images.

6. Realistic Interior Design Bedroom 3D Rendering by Salim Hasanov

3d rendering interior design bedroom

Here’s another gorgeous 3D rendering, this time in the interior design department. Gorgeous color choices, beautiful and realistic lighting, and a convincing rendering of a mirror reflection to boot. A classy, modern design pulled off with finesse.

These are just a selection from some of the recent contributions to the Cad Crowd gallery from our industry-leading network of freelance CAD designers and 3D modelers. Are you looking to hire top-tier design talent? Get a free quote today!