5 New CAD and 3D Modelling Designs You Can Wear


Do you have a passion for both CAD design and accessorizing? Then these 3D models are for you! These top wearable tech designs from our top freelance designers will show you how Cad Crowd can help your company improve its style!

1. Wireless headphones 3D Modeling Design by Ratnesh Kumar

Crank up the tunes with these rocking headphones! This design demonstrates how effectively our designers can render curved but shiny surfaces. Check out our gallery for lots more headphone and musical themed designs!

2. Aviator Glasses 3D Model by ASC

Whoever said engineering wasn’t cool? Manage your project in style with these wicked aviators. The arm bars add a “futuristic” touch, giving this classic but contemporary look a little extra touch. These glasses will go great with your outfit, just like our CAD designers will go great with your project!

3. Emerald Ring Solidworks Design by Ravi Sharad

A classy project needs a classy look, and here at Cad Crowd we can help you take it up a notch in style! Our designers can handle any challenge, including the layered beauty of a rare jewel. You may or may not be a jewelry lover, but everyone loves beauty and our designers can help realize whatever kind of beauty will best serve your project.

4. Creepy Teeth 3D Printing Design by Bravo

This project is so freaking weird you could easily pass over how well designed these dentures truly are. Always wanted fake gold and yellow teeth to stick in your mouth? No? Well, regardless, everyone wants skilled designers and ours will bring skill, ingenuity, and creativity to your project, whether you’re a pirate, dentist mad scientist, or tooth collecting hobbyist!

5. ORION Lateral Watch Innovation by Michael Dimou

At Cad Crowd we don’t only offer freelance designers – we offer innovators. This watch suggests original new possibilities for Smartphone technology. It can monitor your health, track your biometrics, connect to other devices, and update your social media. We won’t be surprised if the technology of the future looked a lot like this: smart, wearable, and lateral!

Like these looks? We’ll connect you with top CAD designers and 3D modelers on the web to give your project the style, class, beauty or quirk that it’s been lacking! Contact us today for your free consultation.