5 Cutting Edge Designs from the Cad Crowd Gallery

Koi Wall Art Interior Design

It’s time again for a recap of some of the amazing design work being posted to the Cad Crowd 3D model library. Our network of cutting edge CAD designers are regularly updating their portfolios and adding brilliant designs to our gallery, making it a great place to go to find inspiration and see what’s possible in the world of CAD design and 3D modeling.

3D Printing Printing Press 3D Printing Design1. 3D Printed Printing Press design by Evan Mayer

This super fun 3D printing design of an old-school printing press connects modern-day printing technologies with those of the past. The diminutive but functional model is an evocative demonstration of just how far technology has come. Could Guttenberg ever have imagined in 1440 that six centuries later we’d have printers that could print printers?

Not only is this design just so cool, it also makes you think! What’s better than that?

2. Colorful Retail Interior Design by Rochelle Jb

Colorful Retail Interior Design

This design is not a subtle one. But kids don’t much like subtle things! This interior design for a retail space in Malaysia is like a cartoon brought to life. You just know a place that looks like this is gonna be full of fun stuff for the young ones! The green decorations on the walls, ceiling and floor along with those delightful puffy clouds give this highly artificial environment a somehow natural vibe, and even though it’s very busy it feels quite calm. One half expects to see Mario and Luigi bounce in search of mushrooms and princesses.

3. Futuristic Bluetooth Headphone design by mink144

Bluetooth Headphone CAD Design

Purple and black is just about the coolest color combination out there, and it’s put to work here in these unrelentingly cool Bluetooth headphones. These wireless headphones look rad right out of the gates, but the attention to detail is where the designer really shines. From the accent color underneath the cut-out logo on the headband, to the funky purple stripes that wrap around the earphones, to the numbering on the adjustable band. Classy!

4. Koi Wall Accent design by Mart

Koi Wall Art Interior Design

There’s no rule that says CAD design and 3D modeling has to be used to model ‘practical’ things! Art design can benefit from design technology, too. This sleek, minimalist four-part koi wall piece is another cool design that links the past with the future, capturing a classic image in a totally modern style (and using very modern technology).

5. Creative 4-5L Jug design by Maninder

Packaging Design 5L Jub

Sometimes, packaging design can be even more important than the product that goes inside of it! At the end of the day, there’s not gonna be much difference between, say, one type of laundry detergent and another. But the packages that detergent comes in can make all the difference in the world when it comes to actually selling product. These snazzy 4 and 5-liter jugs would certainly catch the consumer’s eye on the shelf. You don’t often see jugs with holes in the middle!

Members of the Cad Crowd community are always uploading new work. If you’ve been inspired by any of the designs you’ve seen in the gallery or if you’re looking to find some expert 3D designers and CAD services, check out our How it Works page. Or, if you’re ready to get started, get a free quote for your design project.