3D Modeling Design Showcase: Cad Crowd Gallery Recap

cad crowd 3d modeling design showcase

Cad Crowd is home to over 12,000 talented designers, and counting! With so many designers participating in the Cad Crowd community, our gallery is always overflowing with great examples of clever new product designs, beautiful 3D models, and project examples. Just to give you a small taste of that creative action, here are five recent projects from some of our skilled freelance designers!

1. Rotating Screeners Engineering Design by Jan Cavel

rotating screeners

Isn’t it interesting how sometimes objects designed for purely pragmatic industrial purposes have their own particular kind of beauty? That’s certainly the case with these rotating screeners. Designed for sifting sawdust and other similar materials, this device separates heterogeneous materials by size. Smaller bits fall through the screen as it rotates, while larger pieces gradually move through the tunnel to fall out the far end. Useful, clever, and cool looking to boot.

2. Luxury Ring With Emerald Jewelry Design by Dmytro Velenets

luxury ring jewelry design

We’ve got a number of talented freelance jewelry designers at Cad Crowd, and they each have their own unique style and aesthetic. This designer leans towards the classically opulent style. While an emerald of that size would certainly be the focus of attention, this ring also demonstrates a beautiful design approach in the band.

3. Internal Combustion Engine 3D Modeling by Mirko Rozman

internal combustion engine

CAD design is often a combination of engineering, design, and 3D modeling skills. This simple IC engine design is a fantastic example. A great render of a high-quality 3D model. A very well executed piece of CAD design that is both highly functional and visually impressive. Who thought engines could be so attractive?

4. Bicycle Disk Brake Adapter Engineering Design by Scott Holland

bicycle disk brake design

The project here was to coming up with an adapter to connect a client’s bicycle fork to a disk brake. This is another great example of a product design with a specific functional purpose that looks awesome. Form follows function. Good design often looks slick, even for parts that serve a purely mechanical function.

5. Abandoned Tractor 3D Modeling Design by Paul Hekky

abandoned truck

An interesting subject for 3D modeling, here we have a representation of an old tractor long left abandoned in a field. Perhaps demonstrating some of the artistic sensibilities of the designer, this CAD model, though primarily aesthetic, stays with the theme of machinery and practical items.

That’s it for now! Be sure to check out the gallery for more impressive examples of CAD design work. If you’re looking to hire a designer, you’ve come to the right place! Each of the CAD designers featured above is available for hire — follow the links to check out their profiles. Or, you can submit your project to us for a free quote. We’ll take a look at your requirements, give you an estimate, and connect you with one of our leading top-ranked freelance designers with the skillset you need to meet your goals.