25 Amazing Freelance Industrial Designers & 3D Modelers for Hire

25 Amazing Freelance Industrial Designers & 3D Modelers for Hire

Cad Crowd has been lucky enough to host some of the best freelance industrial designers and 3D modelers from around the world. Here are some of the site’s most fascinating designers, along with some of their most interesting portfolio pieces.

1) Design2render


Design2render is a Certified Solidworks Associate (CSWA) based in Alabama, USA. He has over ten years of experience in advanced Solidworks use. More importantly, he has spent more than five years honing his 3D modeling skills with a world-renowned furniture designer. Much of his experience has been in 3D furniture rendering. But, he has also exhibited exceptional proficiency in industrial design.

Among the most outstanding industrial designs by Design2render is the iPhone Necklace Case. This was initially developed for the iPhone 6S or 6S Plus. It features a clear TPU shell that’s surrounded by an aluminum frame. The transparent shell protects the phone from scratches and also acts as a shock absorber when dropped. The aluminum frame offers additional protection, especially to the phone’s sides and corners.

At the bottom right corner of this case is a small ring meant to secure the included lanyard so you can wear your phone around your neck. The lanyard is made of soft cotton and is adjustable using a simple push-and-release button. Apart from its sleek, minimalistic structure, its appeal comes from its transparent design. It allows users to either showcase their iPhone’s color or customize the back cover with a photo.

2) DesignAssist


DesignAssist is among Cad Crowd’s top CAD services experts, boasting multiple gold-medal designs on the site. He is a qualified engineer based in Oxford, UK. As an industrial designer, he has experience developing a wide variety of products. These include anything from utensils to insulated French presses.

Among his most intriguing creations is a modern bed tent. For some, this would help in getting a good night’s sleep. But for others, this means getting full privacy and isolation. No matter the purpose, the bed tent by DesignAssist is entirely new to the market. This is because similar products take on the form and style of typical camping tents.

This 3D model of DesignAssist’s bed tent shows a distinctly modern design. Holding up the tent are two fiberglass poles fastened to molded corner brackets. Like most tents, it is the tension in the poles that keeps the tent taut. That way, very few components are needed to hold it up.

3) mejoek


mejoek is a product development engineering professional based in California, USA. He has gained experiences in various industries throughout his career. But, he finds his strength and passion in developing consumer products because of the design and validation involved. In the course of his career, he has been able to collaborate on several popular consumer products including the iPhone and the Apple Watch.

Among his most sought-after designs is the Ember Temperature Control Mug, one of the most popular buying choices on Amazon today. The mug is made of stainless steel and coated with ceramic. Its value lies in its ability to keep your beverage in your exact temperature preference until you take the last sip. It does this using a charging coaster and a mobile app.

mejoek was the lead engineer on the project. As such, he was responsible for the entire development journey. That included everything from conceptualization to mass production. In between, he delivered both 2D and 3D CAD databases as well as conducted design reviews.



MR. CAD DESIGNS is an industrial designer based in Ahmedabad, India. He is one of Cad Crowd’s top-ranked designers, having done multiple winning designs on the platform. He’s most adept at designing molded plastic parts as well as sheet metal. As a Core Mechanical Engineer, he is also able to consult on the strength and durability of different products.

Among MR. CAD DESIGNS’ most exciting products is his RFID entering system called the Blackboard Transact. It was designed for Blackboard, the edtech company based in Washington DC. This next-generation door reader is meant to allow students to use their school IDs for all on-campus transactions. This includes door access and purchases from vending machines, restaurants, and retail establishments.

Encasing the electronics of this card reader are multiple layers of molded plastic. This showcases MR. CAD DESIGNS’ proficiency in this field. He also demonstrates his skill in 3D modeling. For this project, he completed a render of the full unit. Additionally, he also created an exploded view of all the parts for full appreciation of the product design.

5) Anne Pauley


Anne Pauley is a mechanical engineer based in San Francisco, USA and one of Cad Crowd’s top freelance 3D designers. In 2018, she won her first gold medal on the platform for a custom Native American-inspired ring design. Many of her design entries are for custom jewelry. But, her entire portfolio speaks of her proficiency in 3D CAD modeling on Fusion 360, Inventor, Solidworks, and OpenSCAD.

Among Anne Pauley’s most impressive industrial design work is her Modern Carbon Fiber Flat-Pack Lamp. The frame is made of flat carbon fiber, and it lights up using an LED lighting strip. The lamp itself is beautifully sleek. But, its most impressive feature is that it can be shipped flat and then quickly assembled using an included Allen wrench.

A similar lamp would otherwise require bulky packaging. Anne Pauley’s design significantly lowers shipping costs. Additionally, she designed this lamp with a nesting pattern. She does this precisely to minimize wastage of the carbon fiber sheet. Also, all other components used are inexpensive and easily sourced.

6) ProtoTech Workbench


ProtoTech Workbench is one of the top designers at Cad Crowd boasting multiple winning designs. Based in Bucharest, Romania, this agency specializes in Simcenter Amesim Remodeling. Also, they are experts in converting 2D models into 3D models. ProtoTech Workbench is also able to offer full services. With their partnerships in the industry, they can take your idea from the design stage all the way to manufacturing.

Among ProtoTech Workbench’s most fascinating designs is their Hair Brush with Refillable Reservoir. With a product like this, it would be much easier to apply hair coloring evenly. It allows for more convenient and mess-free hair coloring application. Plus, this hair brush with refillable reservoir also keeps you from wasting product. Generally, excess product inevitably stays on the gloves, bowls, and brushes you would otherwise be using. This brush should also work excellently with hair serums and leave-on conditioners.

To use this hairbrush, you’d need to fill the reservoir with the hair product of your choice. When you want to brush your hair, simply remove the cap and start brushing. You can extrude the product by twisting the bottom knob that rotates the plunger through the threaded shaft.

7) handsketcher


A Cad Crowd Top designer, handsketcher has multiple top designs: 6 entries that won gold, 1 winning bronze, and 21 that made it to final consideration. handsketcher is a Mechatronics Engineer based out of Tallinn, Estonia. They have considerable experience in product design and development. They also specialize in 3D modeling, engineering design, and product design. Additionally, they have extensive experience in embedded software engineering.

Among handsketcher’s most impressive industrial design projects is a cylindrical planter. This planter is made for both indoor and outdoor use. It boasts a chic design in its injection-molded pot. A honeycomb pattern gives it a texture that offers a uniquely modern look. While the original version of the planter had handles, handsketcher opted to remove that feature to minimize the cost of tooling.

For its stand, the planter pot by handsketcher has a round wooden base with a drain hole at the center to keep plants from being overwatered. Another version of the bottom has a recessed cross so excess water can flow out. 

8) Pablo Gosso


Pablo Gosso, a Top Designer at Cad Crowd, has won 10 gold awards for his designs and has been a finalist 25 times. Based out of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Pablo has been an industrial designer for over 14 years. His vast experience includes work as an outsourcing partner for the likes of Herman Miller, Knoll, Steelcase, and many more. He designs consumer products. Plus, he has experience in packaging design and architectural renderings.

Among Pablo Gosso’s gold-medal designs is a Zench concept, a revolutionary meditation bench. Generally, meditation benches are low seats meant to support your weight while you’re kneeling on the floor or a mat. Such an implement helps keep you comfortable so you can meditate for longer.

Pablo Gosso conceptualized several versions for this project. But, the winning design is for a folding bench made with EconCore technology. That makes it lightweight, economical, and made of responsibly sourced materials. The bench folds flat, so it can easily be stowed away or carried. Plus, the Zench Meditation Bench (Concept 4) has an adjustable seat angle so adults of any size can use it.

9) Luka B.


Based in Krang, Slovenia, Luka B. is a Research and Development and Project Management Engineer. As one of Cad Crowd’s Top Designers, four Luka B’s designs have won gold awards while ten have made it to final consideration. He holds two Master’s degrees. The first is in Construction and Design from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The other is in Manufacturing Technology and Management from Cranfield University, United Kingdom. Among other areas, he specializes in product development and product optimization. He’s also adept at numerical model validation.

As a 3D modeler and industrial designer, among Luka B.’s most exciting designs is his entry for a headphones stand. Headphone stands are nothing new. In fact, there must be thousands of different designs available. But, most of what’s in the market today are simple hangers, not unlike something you’d use for bananas.

What sets Luka B.’s headphones stand design apart is that it would appeal greatly to the massive gaming and VR community. It has a droid-like appearance that functions not just as a headphones stand, but a VR stand as well. It also features a controller stand at the front and USB ports at the back so you can plug in any of your devices. Plus, if you tilt the head forward, there’s enough storage space to keep your accessories out of the way.

10) Jorge Gomez


Jorge Gomez is a product and industrial designer based in Bristol, United Kingdom. A Top Designer at Cad Crowd, Jorge has worked in four different countries: Mexico, India, The Netherlands, and the UK. In 2009, he received his Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design. That was from Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Mexico. And, in 2013, he received a Master of Science in Integrated Product Design from Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands.

Jorge Gomez has designed several high technology devices. But among his most successful industrial design and 3D modeling projects is his OPP laundry baskets and drawer organizers. For the laundry baskets, he was tasked to conceptualize the product from scratch. Among the most important considerations for the design were weight and material cost. Also important was the ability to manufacture it through open/closed molding.

As for the drawer organizers, he simply improved on existing designs. So, while his final products don’t look too unique, his contribution was mainly in developing it enough to be ready for manufacturing. Among his responsibilities were balancing design features with manufacturing costs. Ultimately, the client company needed to produce a cost-effective yet great-looking drawer organizers.

11) FlorinG


FlorinG is a designer and 3D artist hailing from Bucharest, Romania. He is a specialist in concept design, 3D modeling services, and 3D rendering. Among many other skills, he is an expert in using tools such as 3DS Max, Autodesk Inventor, Blender, and even Unreal Engine.

Among FlorinG’s most impressive industrial design projects is his Pocket Wrench Set model and render. It works similarly to a multi-tool or folding knife. This pocket-sized implement has four of the most common wrench sizes that fold into a metal holder. When folded in, the tool is compact and easy to carry. When a wrench is extended, the case serves as a sturdy handle with a ridged grip.

For this pocket wrench set, FlorinG developed a 3D model of the completed design. He was also tasked to create an exploded model showing each of the parts that make up the set. Additionally, he made 2D elevations of the tool to aid the manufacturing process.

12) SaketCad


SaketCad is a design company providing industrial design services out of Pune, India. A Top Designer at Cad Crowd, SaketCad have won one Gold and two Bronze awards in design contests while finishing as a finalist nine times. They specialize in CAD modeling, concept and product design, and can help take ideas from prototype to visualization.

SaketCad has previously developed headphones for gaming enthusiasts. But, one of their more interesting industrial designs is their Classic Head Phones. Although it wasn’t really made to boast a revolutionary design, it is interesting because of its vintage (and slightly hipster) feel. The headband seems to be made of brown leather while the speakers have wooden parts of the same brown color.

The headphone cushions are made of brown material as well. The silver trim of the speakers and headbands give it its modern edge. While this is meant to function like any other set of headphones, it also has pins for the speakers to turn 90 degrees. Plus, it has a power switch button right on the headset, and not the cable.

For this project, SaketCad was responsible for 3D modeling design. For the appreciation of their client, they modeled their design in Solidworks and then rendered the same in Keyshots. Now, it is just one among dozens of their impressive portfolio pieces.

13) cstfrz


Based in Southampton, United Kingdom, cstfrz is a founder and partner of IDeAMi. IDeAMi is an industrial design and architecture studio. He has eight years of experience as a Design Engineer. Over the years, he has specialized in product development and drafting services in multidisciplinary fields. With his extensive industry experience, cstfrz brings expertise in all stages of the design process. This is anywhere from strategizing, research, modeling, and supporting production.

The Hi-Fire is just one of cstfrz’s most impressive product designs. It is a bathroom fan heater with multiple parts made of various materials. As with most fans, the enclosure and primary component of the unit is made of polypropylene.

The bathroom fan heater already existed before cstfrz’s involvement. But, he was tasked to redesign the existing product to improve not only the aesthetic but also its functionality. Of course, all that had to be done without changing the cost of production. With this new design, they were able to add a handle, enhance the rear intake, and improve the screw holders of the shell enclosure. Apart from concept design, they were responsible for technical drawings, 3D modeling, and rendering.

14) Thanos Ziozias – Mazi Design


Thanos Ziozias is an industrial and product designer from Athens, Greece. He graduated from the School of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, University of Patras. There, he received a degree in Mechanical Engineering. In 2006, he founded Mazi Design, a design studio offering industrial and technical design services. Among other specialties, Thanos is an expert in SolidWorks, Rhinoceros 3D, and CorelDRAW. He is also one of the top advanced certified 3D surface designers in Greece.

Among the product designs Thanos Ziozias is most proud of is Mazi Design’s Cheese Cubes Container. This was developed for Thrace Group, one of the world’s largest plastics packaging companies based in Greece. This patentable product is meant to address the need for people to store cheese properly in order to prevent mold from developing.

With this product by Mazi Design, cheese can be stored in an airtight container. But the inner basket allows the stored cheese not only to breathe but drain excess moisture as well. It is composed of two major components, both of which are plastic injectable.

15) Ridwan Sept


Ridwan Sept is a Cad Crowd Top Designer based in Surabaya, Indonesia. He has done very well in design contests, winning seven Gold awards, one Silver, one Bronze, and reaching the final round twenty-one times. Among Ridwan’s many specialties, he is an expert in designing jewelry, wearable products, drones, and UAVs.

One of the product designs Ridwan Sept is most proud of is his Capsule Cause Bottle. This was designed for a contest meant to promote environmentalism. Specifically, the contest sought to develop sustainable behaviors. In response, Ridwan Sept created the Capsule Cause Bottle with watertight caps at both the top and bottom of the unit. This allows you to drink from any side. Additionally, it makes the bottle easier to clean.

For this project, Ridwan Sept developed some technical drawings. These drawings show the parts of the bottle and materials (stainless steel, plastic, and silicone). The design itself waved modeled in SolidWorks and then rendered and animated with KeyShot 5 for full appreciation.

16) Jacob Jose


Jacob Jose is a mechanical design engineer from Rome, Italy. He is expected to earn from his Master of Science in Mechanical Design from the Sapienza University of Rome in 2020. As a Cad Crowd Top Designer, Jacob has won two Gold awards and has been a finalist eight times. His specialties include 3D modeling, engineering design, and product design. He is an expert in Autodesk Inventor, ANSYS, AutoCAD, KeyShot, and SolidWorks.

Jacob Jose’s mosquito trap design contest entry is definitely something to boast. Although it looks simple, this trap uses UV light to lure in mosquitos and keep them from escaping. It also has a removable tray to store attractant liquids. UV-based mosquito traps already do exist. But, this redesign by Jacob Jose features a unique inner casing and a chic outer shell.

Apart from conceptualizing the product improvements, Jacob Jose developed 3D renders of his ideas. In order to present his redesign properly, he made 3D models of both the assembled and exploded trap in SolidWorks and Keyshot. The exploded view of the parts shows how intricate his design really is, despite the simplicity of the assembled render.

17) aad


aad is a furniture and fashion design specialist based in Athens, Greece. A Cad Crowd Top Designer, he has won a gold award for four of his designs. He also has one silver award and has finished as a finalist six times. aad is an expert in designing a variety of things: from jewelry and packaging to even landscapes.

Among aad’s most attractive portfolio pieces is for their Modern Design 12v Fan, which won 1st place in a Cad Crowd design contest. A 3D model of their design shows a solid, sleek base, a tilting fan head, and a control knob located at the center of the fan head itself. A 3D render shows the design in three different colors: red, black, and white.

There are two different exploded renders of the product. Seeing both, you’ll get a better appreciation of the engineering and design genius behind such a simple-looking modern fan. Everything from the plastic parts to the electrical components that go into it speaks of the talent aad has. His expertise not only in product design but most notably in 3D modeling really shines through.

18) Artur Leete


Artur Leete is a product designer from Tallinn, Estonia. He received his bachelor’s degree in Product Design from the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2016. For many years, Artur has been freelancing as a product designer and specializes in furniture design. His expertise lies in user-centered design with a modern style, which comes through in his portfolio.

As impressive as everything might be in Artur Leete’s portfolio, among his most exciting designs is a flat-pack chair. Here, his mastery of furniture design shines through. The chair offers incredible convenience in shipping and storage without compromising the aesthetic.

Artur Leete’s flat-pack chair is made of six pieces of plywood. The main shape, as well as the cut-out design, is processed by CNC. All of the pieces are meant to be put together as easily as a jigsaw puzzle. When assembled, it should be a completely usable, sturdy, and aesthetically appealing chair. His 3D renders definitely help you appreciate the genius of his creation.

19) V.M.Design


V.M.Design is a Top Designer at Cad Crowd with one gold award, one bronze award, and fourteen finalist awards to their name. Based out of Volos, Greece, V.M.Design specializes in architectural and industrial design and is an expert in 3D modeling and rendering.

V.M.Design’s 3D rendered portfolio pieces vary from lipstick cases to eco houses. Among their most intriguing industrial designs is actually one of their simplest ones. It is for a device meant to keep mining workers safer in their dangerous working conditions.

The Hard Hat Clip-On Sensor Device attaches to a miner’s hard hat. Presumably, it uses sensors and other technology to monitor each worker’s biometrics. Then, it alarms when it meets certain conditions. The 3D model by V.M.Design shows a plastic enclosure protecting a circuit board and other electronics. This simple device has the potential to minimize workplace injuries. This is especially useful in mining and similar working conditions.

20) Josh Gore


Josh Gore is a passionate industrial designer hailing from McHenry, Illinois, United States. He has been working in design, engineering, and fabricating for more than a decade. His career has primarily focused on designing bicycle and automotive products. But, he also has considerable experience working across many different fields.

Among his unique design experiences was a collaborative project with a music engineer. Together, they developed the Performance Enclosure. This allows performers to use sensitive studio microphones on stage. And, they can do so without fear of breaking the expensive equipment.

A 3D render of the enclosure by Josh Gore shows the value in the product. You can see how it could protect studio microphones from the abuse it would get in a live performance environment. It is not only sturdy, but it also provides a snug fit and a sure grip. The main unit, which includes the grip and grill, is meant to be either 3D printed or machined from metal or plastic. Other components include reticulated polyurethane foam and a stainless steel mesh. Both serve to protect the microphone’s most sensitive parts.

21) Zach Griggs Design, LLC


Zach Griggs Design, LLC is a product design and engineering studio based in Decatur, Georgia, United States. The studio offers affordable product development services for companies of all sizes. They have worked with small startups as well as large corporations. As a studio with a network of designers, engineers, and manufacturers they possess numerous areas of expertise. These areas range from Furniture and Homeware Design, Mechanical Engineering, Pet Production Design. They even have experience designing Medical Devices.

Among the most impressive achievements of Zach Griggs Design, LLC is the AxePaxe. Their design and 3D modeling work have led to a prototype ready for mass manufacturing. There’s a website dedicated to promoting and accepting orders for this product. Undoubtedly, it will gain popularity among guitar players.

The AxePaxe designed and engineered by Zach Griggs Design is an accessories organizer for guitar players. Similar to a large pill organizer, it has various compartments. Each one stores little parts and accessories that guitarists would typically have around. When closed, the top of the AxePaxe can be used as a pick holder. Additionally, the unit serves as a phone or tablet dock.

22) Arild


Arild is a Mechanical Engineer based in Bergen, Norway. They received their Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Bergen University College. Then, they received their Masters of Science degree in Mechatronics at the University of Agder. Arild specializes in product development, concept design, and 3D design. His expertise lies in Mechanical Engineering, New Invention Development, and CAD Drawing.

A single look at Arild’s portfolio shows his proclivity for mechanics and mechatronics. Among his best product designs is a clothes folding machine. When assembled, the machine looks like a simple plastic box with foldable flaps. However, Arild’s 3D model of the internal parts gives you a great appreciation of the engineering that goes into such a machine.

The Clothes Folding Machine by Arild aims to make it easier for the regular person to fold clothes. It works with a variety of clothing items including t-shirts, tops, and pants. Plus, it would do so uniformly so that closets would look neater and more organized. Presumably, the way it would work is for you to set a piece of clothing on top of the machine. Then, the flaps would fold in sequence, so you end up with perfectly folded clothes every time.

23) Junaid Aziz


Junaid Aziz is a Mechanical Engineer hailing from Islamabad, Pakistan. Graduating in 2010, he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. That was from the National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) in Islamabad. Junaid has over six years of experience working on a range of areas. This includes 3D modeling design and simulation. He is also adept at Finite Element Method (FEM) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis.

Probably one of the most practical designs by Junaid Aziz is his Neck Pillow with iPhone/iPad holder. Using Solidworks, he made a 3D render that allows you to appreciate the value in his design fully. Today, many people suffer from neck, shoulder, and back pain simply because of how tablets and phones have forced us to have such poor posture. This neck pillow could potentially solve that problem.

This device by Junaid Aziz features a soft yet perfectly molded foam neck pillow. On each side, the pillow features multifunctional gadget holders. Using this, you will not only have enough support and comfort for your neck. You can also enjoy your mobile entertainment devices, hands-free.

24) Andrew_Tsymbal


Andrew Tsymbal is a Creative Designer and CGI Artist from Kharkiv, Ukraine. He is an expert in all stages of the 3D workflow: design, modeling, animation, and rendering. Not surprisingly, his software of choice includes 3ds Max, V-Ray, and Adobe Photoshop.

Among Andrew_Tsymbal’s most successful design projects is for a cutting-edge backpack. From a client’s rough sketch, he was able to develop a photorealistic 3D model. The goal was to use it not only for digital and print advertising but also for actual prototyping.

Andrew_Tsymbal’s cutting-edge backpack has various electronic parts. It features an LCD screen and speakers. Using his 3D modeling skills, he was able to enhance the design and apply various skins in multiple color schemes. His high-quality renders were so polished that they were used directly for the client’s advertisements.

25) Micaela Crosbie


Micaela Crosbie is an Industrial Designer from Pretoria, South Africa. She graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Design from the Open Window Institute. She specializes in Product Design, Illustration, and Photorealistic Rendering. Additionally, she is an expert in Cinema 4D, SolidWorks, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, and other software.

Micaela Crosbie’s portfolio pieces vary in nature. But among her most impressive works is a public bathroom faucet. This design was made for Cobra South Africa. This public tap called ARA doesn’t just have a futuristic design. Its features are futuristic as well.

Overall, it’s meant to address hygiene issues in public bathrooms. At the same time, it serves to promote water conservation. It turns on the tap using a capacitive sensor. To reduce water consumption, the faucet features a timer that indicates when it will turn off automatically. The timer defaults at 10 seconds but can be extended using up and down buttons. The tap also has a built-in aerator to reduce water consumption further.

Any one of these 25 exceptional industrial designers for hire can do an excellent job for you. But if you’re still having trouble deciding on who to work with, try posting a contest. All you’ll need to do is describe your project, requirements, and expectations. Then, interested designers and 3D modelers for hire will submit their entries, trying their best to meet your criteria. At the end of the contest, you get to decide which you like best and work with them to see your project through.