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I am an experienced Solidworks user with 10/yrs of advanced use. CSWA certified to use the software, I passed with a perfect score.I am also top rated here on Upwork.

With over 5 years of experience modeling executive furniture for a very well known designer on the Pacific Coast, I have become exceptionally proficient at 3D modelling from minimally detailed hand drawn illustrations. I posses a mixture of artistic creativity and knowledge of form and definition makes me the perfect candidate for the development of your 3D Product Concepts.

I excel at lighting and rendering at the photo-realistic level and with an additional 10 years of graphic design experience in magazine, business card, print and promotional layout, I can give your ideas the kind of edge and presentation that will draw the eye of even the most discerning and prudent of investors.

I have direct connections for rapid prototyping and injection molding through (hidden) I am one of the 10 elite designers featured on the website.

(hidden), you can email me at (hidden) or reach me at (hidden)


Age: 42

Joined: June 2, 2016


Ashland, AL, United States