Parametric Open Hardware watch strap

A fully parametric watch strap, for any curved pin or straight pin watches, including a printed buckle. The pictures show the strap I printed for myself, and I am still using today after more that two years of use. The parametric file can be altered by opening in Fusion 360 (either the straight pin or curved pin version) and changing the values in the parameters menu. The file will automatically adjust all parts, including the buckle and pin which can then be exported for 3D printing. All parts are oriented correctly for printing. Beware that strange combinations of parameters will break the model, and may require undoing. A loop is included for holding down excess strap. A piece of FDM plastic filament is used for the buckle pin. I have included pre-made STL files for a 22mm wide watch band for 120-160mm length (between the watch pins). The coloured pattern was achieved by doing a material swap at the appropriate height, printed in flexible TPU of course. To get rid of the pattern, set the pattern thickness parameter to a very low value that will be ignored by the slicer e.g. 0.01. The open hardware logo was remix from a design '2D OSHW Logo' courtesy of 'lamer' on Thingiverse.

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