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For the short amount of time it's taken me to take a full time job into cad modeling and cnc machining. I'm sure my skills can help business's ideas prosper into something great. Very versatile and creative. Willing to try something challenging and new. My father has been involved with designing functional speedboats with "Eliminator Boats" and Bad Bagger motorcycles with "Speed by Design." I'm sure I wouldn't want anyone thinking I'd prove my name by using my fathers. but with how involved I've been with functionality and mechanics personally. I've always questioned the way everything has been designed, and why things are the way they are. Instantly seeing a falsly designed object and thinking somebody can do it better! More effeciently first! Understanding the process and handling on how it needs to be built after a simple drawing. Or even taking something previously made and reverse-engineering it to be more efficiently produced. There's a hundred ways to skin a cat when it comes to 3D design. Since its the dimension we live in and being able to convince a crowd of people to believe the possibilities is nearly impossible. So many business' out there that have no idea on the potential of taking advantage of cad modeling and engineering.One bridge I've yet to cross is working and gaining experience with 4-9 axis cnc machines and being able to tinker with them. Now I know that seems treacherous to hire someone with no experience with 5+ axis cnc machines. Nowlike I said until im proposed an idea first, I would definitely be able to give a simple explanation on how it has to be machined or built on my side. Whether someone has the patience to have something awesomedesigned, with the right math it's hard to argue against. Being able to make it happen is what my goal is. Now I wouldn't beat around the bush and have this whole description without mentioning I do not have any college degree and that could be for the better since it is hard to find a good cad designer without some insane amount of pay and some mediocre design. Im ambitious and excited to make it happen. Be the best and make business shine for others. I love my current job and becoming a freelance cad designer while at home could improve my worth outside of my 9-5. Thank you.

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