Fred du Plessis


Services I provide:-
Engineering, Design, Draughting (Industrial, Domestic, Buildings)
CAD drawings - AutoCad (since 1986),Visio (since 1995), Revit (latest)
Spreadsheet, Calculations - Estimates, Budget, Stock Control, B.O.Q.,
Planning - MS Project, Office (Excel)
Procurement (Excel)
Remote work (Cell Phone, Laptop, Teams / Trello / Zoom, Google meet) [current]

Professional Skills Record:-
Engineering, Design Draughting (hidden), as needed on projects)
Contract /Construction /Site Management (hidden), (hidden)/6)
Project Engineering, Management (hidden)
Consulting Engineering (KCM Zambia 2011/2, Axis Development (hidden)
Property Development/Maintenance (Mystic (hidden)/8, (hidden)

3D Models


  • Consultant Engineer | Mechanical and Electronics Design Mystic Diamonds (Pty) Ltd · Self-employed Sep 2020 – Present 2 yrs 1 mos Brits, NW, South Africa 1.Project Management –
    a.Established the needs (Client’s scope of work) in categories of Totally Remove (aged, dangerous), Repair, Replace, Modify, Improvement, and New Built (modern);
    b.Managed the Project Budget as per priorities and availability of funds.
    2.Site surveying – determined the current condition of the services, sewer, water, electrical, fencing (security), security system (panic button), telecommunication, water reticulation (garden spraying)
    3.Engineering Design–
    a.established current date building specifications as per local government, do a pre-date study as to why certain works were done in (hidden), (hidden), (hidden).
    b.drafted a Technical Scope of Work Schedule to cover Area, Condition (visual), Risk, To Do, Impact on existing, Skills requirement, Equipment/Furniture, Materials, Labour content, arriving on a BOQ.
    c.Established Design Drawing with Visio 2017, with comments, notes, highlights.
    (hidden) a Database (Project File – hard copy and Electronic Filing System) storing Technology research information, covering the Tasks to be worked on during Execution. It included Product Information, Specifications, Pricing, Implementation Methodologies,
    e.Performed as-found captures of conditions (Pictures and Scope Notes), i.e., drainage, electrical cable routings, weather, and water drainage situations, etc.
    4.Draughting - Developed the Building Plan in stages to focus on high-risk items / tasks (priorities), detailing sections of work as per Client SOW, applying Autodesk Revit 2021 to back-draft the Building Plan Stages, clearly showing the proposed changes / modifications / improvements.
    5.Procurement – acquired best price, supply, quality, vendor information, to obtain approval from the Client.
    6.Material Handling – coordinated the delivery, storage, placement and issuing for the different jobs.
    7.Construction – supervising works, in many cases perform itself based on skills set, experience, and availability of funds.
    Inspection, Testing – Building Plans to be approved by Local Government Official, building COC requirements on water and electricity works to be done by qualified person, to be appointed


  • Engineering Council of SA Professional Technologists, (Engineering) Electrical, Diploma 2015 – 2021 Activities and Societies: Professional Technologists for more details Engineering technologists apply their expertise in any combination of the engineering functions in all branches of engineering.
    Certificate No (hidden)

Other experience

  • CONSULTING ENGINEER – AXIS DEVELOPMENT C.C. 04 Dec 2018 to 30 Jun 2020 (19 months)

    I served as Consulting Engineer on the development of a pilot smelting plant for a Mining Company in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Licenses & Certifications

  • Engineering Council of SA Pr Tech(Eng)Elect ECSA Dec 2015 – Present

Age: 71

Joined: August 28, 2021

Last seen: August 31, 2021


English Professional working proficiency

Afrikaans Native or bilingual proficiency