believe that good design should be relevant to all walks of life.

When a client trust and leave their project in my hands,
I try to find and understand their problem,
so that I have a clear understanding on the things
that I need to work hard on
and provide solutions
for your project, big or small.

Hi! I'm Gabrielle!

And, My goal is to help you achieve that and present your work in a detailed, clean and professional drawings that your contractor/builder/client will understand.

✅ Architectural Draftsman
✅ Registered Architect
✅ Registered Sanitary Engineer
✅ Fluent in English
✅ 12 years of experience in survey, design, estimates,
construction and project management
✅ Expert in several Architectural Softwares
✅ Resourceful, fast-learner, and highly competent
✅ Problem Solver

I achieved these goals by working in:
✅ Adobe Photoshop
✅ Architectural Drafting Planning Design
✅ Structural Drafting Planning Design and Analysis
✅ Plumbing Drafting Planning Design, Rainwater Computation, Septic Tank Computation
✅ Electrical Drafting and Load Analysis
✅ Mechanical Drafting
✅ Sketchup for 2D and 3D Drawings
✅ Lumion for 3D Visualization and Renders

My expertise are
✅ Over 50+ Designed Residential Building (2 Storey, 1 Storey to 3 Stories) Planning Drafting & Design Locally
✅ Over 30+ Interior Design (Bakeshops, Salons, Restaurants) Planning, 3D 2D Renders, Drafting Locally
✅ Designed a handful of Commercial Buildings Planning Drafting & Design
✅ Over 100+ Designed Plumbing Systems from all ranges of projects; Residential, Commercial and Industrial

My experience covers from Planning to Drafting and to Contractor Selection up to Construction Supervisions, from all works that I've discussed above.

I'm your Autocad Technician, 3D Visualizer and Virtual Assistant when it comes to buildings, construction, renderings and real estate.

And because of my extensive experience, it's my best bet that I've sharpened my skills in Autocad, Sketchup, Lumion, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Powerpoint, Trello, Canva, and become an expert in REVIT so I can deliver work more professionally.

Let's work and achieve your dreams together!

I've also ventured out in US, AUSTRALIA AND US Clients for simple CAD Drafting Services that they may need. (hidden)

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