Solution oriented and highly self-motivated mechanical engineer with over 15 years of proven experience in mechanical design, structural and thermal finite element analysis, testing & design optimization, manufacturing in heavy mechanical industries
and multinational scientific research organizations.
Proven ability to excel in extremely challenging innovative mechanical design both individually and in collaboration with multi-disciplinary teams. Possesses exemplary communication and analytical skills. Vast experience in creating 3D models and their detail 2D manufacturing drawings for parts and assemblies using CATIA and AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop.
Worked as the main design engineer with EP-CMX-EI team at
CMS-CERN for the Hadronic Calorimeter and associated tooling for 21 months.


  • Mechanical Design Engineer CERN · Full-time Jan 2019 – Sep 2020 1 yrs 8 mos undefined, GE, Switzerland Mechanical Engineer - HGCAL Detector Design
    Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS), CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
    Worked under the supervision of experienced engineers in the EP-CMX-EI section of CMS for 21 months and achieved the desired goals by executing following tasks:
    1. A static structural analysis of the 250-tonne 50 layer HGCAL with focus on CE– H was carried out using ANSYS software under the action of self-load.
    2. The analysis lead to many useful conclusions that inspired to improve the design for enhanced structural integrity and manufacturing accuracies.
    3. A 02 part forged cylinder was introduced which proved stronger and reduced the deflection and overall stresses.
    4. To couple the absorber disks to this cylinder, the newly designed split ring performed equally well.
    5. The newly designed flanged connection between back disk and cylinder played a key role for strength in the structural mechanics.
    6.The multi-sliced design of a typical absorber disk was converted to a sophisticated 03 component disk with strong
    central plate and ears.
    7. The overall assembly procedures were evaluated and discussed with experts at CERN.
    8. Attended integration meetings and provided useful suggestions to members from different disciplines.
    9. Worked on the tooling required for temporary spacers insertion.
    10. Preliminary drawings with key requirements and bills of materials were prepared and sent to HMC-3 (the supposed manufacturer in this case) for cost evaluation.
    11. A complete 3D CAD model was generated using ANSYS SpaceClaim and handed over to dedicated person at CERN for manufacturing details.
    12. Worked together with experts at CMS and HMC-3 to device a machining strategy as per HMC-3's manufacturing capability.
    13. Played the central role in bridging the CMS and HMC-3 authorities for the settlement of letter of intent for the manufacturing of CE - H at HMC-3 site.


  • NED University of Engg & Tech Karachi B.E MECHANICAL, Mechanical Engineering 2000 – 2003

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Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan