1. Inner painting machine.
2. Let off and wind up unit machine.
3. Re-Wind up machine.
4. Inspection conveyor machine.

3D Models


  • Design Engineer Robert Bosch Thailand · Full-time Jan 2019 – Present 4 yrs 2 mos undefined, จ.ระยอง, Thailand 1. Design conceptual machine, jig, cart, handling tools and etc. by follow requirements concept's customer or provide solutions to customer.
    2. Making cost breakdown and provide quote price to support sell department and customer.
    3. Make shop drawing and control bill of material for fabrication machine and equipment follows fabrication standard.
    4. Control and support for pre-assembly machine in-house before sent to customer.
    5. Control and advice installation machine at working site by perform on safety condition.
  • Mechancial Engineer Bridgestone specialty tire manufacturing Thailand · Full-time Jun 2013 – Dec 2018 5 yrs 6 mos undefined, จ.ระยอง, Thailand 1. Make installation specification document and procure supplier to start up installation machine project.
    2. Estimate cost for machine installation and machine fabrication follow plan from headquarter
    3. Planning for machine fabrication and installation follow defined schedule.
    4. Follow progressive for fabrication machine both local company (domestic) and oversea.
    5. Design the machine follows requirement of production process and others process.
    6. Design piping system to supply water system, air system and hydraulic system to machine (Such as Chiller, Temperature control unit, oil lubrication, hydraulic unit, pneumatic panel unit and etc.).
    7. Commissioning the machine after installation finished to confirm completion of system and find out trouble to assure that machine able to work smoothly.
    8. Develop and improve the machine after commissioning test finished to level up capacity of production and safety condition of machine.


  • Suranaree University of Technology Bachelor's Degree , Mechanical Engineer 2007 – 2011

Joined: July 12, 2020

Last seen: July 12, 2020


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