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From a young age I was always inspired by how things work and why they work in a certain way. At this age I used to always indulged myself in technology which started a hobby of spending hours computer gaming and learning how computer systems work. While i was growing up i started pulling things apart which I questioned ‘How does that work?’. From this I started my own little workshop in my garage at home which had pieces of bikes, computers, toys and anything I could get my hands on which became a parent’s nightmare.

After school I decided to enroll in a engineering course which started made me question so much more from “Why is that placed there and not there?” or “Could this work better like that?”. In this time I knew I wanted to follow this sort of career. During the course I was able to use and improve my 3D Software skills using Solidworks. Pretty fast I was able to figure out the parameters and concept of how it works. My tutor saw how quickly I had understood Solidworks and gave me contact details of a engineering drawing services company and after a lot persuading and pestering I secured a work experience role. I became the first apprentice at A4 Plus Drawing Services and secured a four-year apprenticeship which I was trained and learned AutoCAD, Solidworks, Inventor & Creo.

While I was working at A4+ I was involved in projects like conveyors and material bulk handling equipment. I got the chance to use my learnt skills to design and draw the main parts. After three years into my apprenticeship i left this company and finished my fourth year at Bosch Rexroth. The reason i left was that I felt like I needed more physical interaction with my designs and with Bosch Rexroth i saw the chance to join and learn from a international professional company.
Bosch gave me the opportunity to be hands on and i was actually able to see the finished product of what i designed. Working together with the workshop made me grow into a better designer and gave me more responsibility and understanding in what I do on drawings. I completed my apprenticeship and also gained some extra qualifications with Bosch Rexroth. Also working with a intentional company improved my professionality and communication skills by having to communicate interact with colleagues and customers from around the world. I personally enjoy interacting with the customers and discussing the projects as this improves my understanding of the projects.

For my age as a Design Engineer I have always had an easier understanding in how the softwares work, I understand the parameters of the software well and in all of my positions I have been able to show other collegaues or even interns how to use the software and manipulate it to reach your intended goal.
During my career I have been involved and worked with countless design engineers as most of them are always slightly older then myself I have always enjoyed working with experienced engineers and have gained so much knowledge which i like to bring into your company.

The technical nature of the job has inforced my eye for detail to improve and not to neglect the basic process of checking my own work. It has increased my understanding of the importance of tolerancing and adhering to standards. The standards I have been working to in England have been BS 8888 & ISO 128 these are very high standards and believe I can transfer this to the Deutsch DIN standards.

During my time at Hydro I was given the task in using and editting iLogic models due to my understanding of Inventor. I was given the free reins in changing and adding standard company products and achieved an automated model which could change models just by entering the correct size of product you required.
During my time away from my career I have put myself into weird and wonderful situations from working on farms, in resturants, on construction sites all of which have tested me in different situations and put me with so many different types of people and cultures, I have become more open and understanding in how things and people work and more appericative in how lucky I am to be in the world.

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  • Design Engineer Hydro Int · Aug 2017 – May 2018 9 mos Ely, UK Custom Built Water Treatment Systems, Gantrys, Platforms, Ciscos, Pipework,
    General Arrangements, Manufacture Drawings.

  • Design Engineer DC Norris Ltd · Apr 2017 – Aug 2017 4 mos Sandy, UK Inventor, Solidworks AutoCAD, Vault
    Custom Built Food Systems, Gantrys, Platforms, Pipework, Pressure Vessels
    General Arrangements, Manufacture Drawings
  • Design Engineer Bosch Rexroth Limited · Sep 2014 – Dec 2015 1 yrs 3 mos St Neots, Saint Neots, UK Inventor,Solidworks, AutoCAD, Vault
    Hydraulic Systems, Gantrys, Pipework, Pressure Systems, Phenmatics.
  • Apprentice Design Engineer A4 Plus Drawings Services Ltd · Oct 2011 – Aug 2014 2 yrs 10 mos Chatteris, UK Inventor, AutoCAD, Vault, Solidworks, Creo, Microstation.
    Mechanical, Electrical, P&ID, Factory Layouts, Architectural , Conveyor.


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