Dear Employer, I am a professional CG Generalist works remotely from India. Creative & Energetic Leader with 12 years’ experience in CG Animation, Art asset development & brand communication. I have significant experience building and leading high performing creative teams covering design, visual development, storytelling, and related technology, and decades of experience guiding a delivery-based culture in large and small studios through process-driven development.
I have managed & executed over hundreds of hours of animated content, developed creative content for well-known brands, produced 3D art asset content for Games & for augmented /virtual/mixed reality for the global audience.
My career has been dedicated to entertaining audiences through Oozing animations, 3D Graphics and Interactive + immersive designs.
• 12+ years of experience in the Computer Graphics industry.
• Worked on animation feature movies & served for several animated series, Commercials and short movies with international
• Responsible for setting the artistic language of design and look, combining digital and practical formats to produce visuals for film,
TV, commercial, games, merchandise and more.
• Overlooking and leading artists in various fields from pre-production to post.
• Extremely strong design and modeling skills.
• Team leader and art direction on different projects.
• Games, VR \ AR content and assets production expert.
• Experience in creating multiple projects including films, video, 3D animation, illustration.



Pune, Maharashtra, India