I am a Mechanical Engineering student at Bogazici University, one of the top notch universities of Turkey, with a current CGPA of 3.28, and I will study Mechanical Engineering M.Sc. at the same university starting from September 2018.

My graduation project is about a vibrational energy harvester that is able to tune itself between 10-20 Hz and able to light up an LED. I have actively used Solidworks for 3D printing purposes, especially for my graduation project. I have designed a PLA spacer in order to direct compression forces from top to the bottom, and limit the deformation of the objects on top and bottom. Then I have used ANSYS Static Structural module to analyze static and fatigue behaviour of the system under the compression forces. Furthermore, I have used Eigenvalue Buckling module to make buckling analysis of negative stiffness beams used in my project, and Modal module in order to match the natural frequencies of the resonance modes of piezoelectric buzzer materials used in my project.

I have used CATIA in order to design the steering wheel of Electrotype I, which is a Shell Eco Marathon Concept Battery Electric competition car made by the engineering team BuAlert(Bogazici University Alternative Racing Team). By measuring the dimensions of hands of our driver, and considering the visibility issues inside the car, the steering wheel is parametrically designed so that the curvature of rim of the steering wheel changes according to the position of the steering wheel hub.

I am very enthusiastic about getting involved in projects and improving myself even further in CAD and CAE.

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  • Bogazici University B.S.(Bachelor of Science), Mechanical Engineering 2018 graduation

Age: 28

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Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey