Vlado B
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18,046 / 22,570
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I'm a motivated young architect with 5+ years of experience in the field of architecture, interior design and 3D modeling/rendering.
I've worked on various projects, including commercial projects, residential houses, apartments, offices and hotels.
I can provide you with Exterior/ Interior designs, elevation plans, 3D models and renderings of various buildings, interiors or any other kind of objects, and transform your ideas/sketches into actionable plans.

A short list of programs and tools that I use:

Digital drawings_ AutoCAD
Design and editing_ AdobePhotoShop
+ PDF conversion

Modeling_ 3DsMax/Rhinoceros/SketchUP/Revit
Rendering_ Vray
Finishing/Editing_ AdobePhotoShop

Don't hesitate to contact me, I'm always willing to give the best I can.


  • Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb master of Architecture, Architecture 2015 graduation


Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, Croatia