Paul Sinclair
Global rank:
5,530 / 38,429
Skill pts: 5


After graduating with my Masters' in Mechanical Engineering in 2009, I immediately entered the industry turning rough ideas and concepts into concrete drawings and designs. Through clear and consistent communication with customers, my best designs often started their lives on napkins or whiteboards, and I brought them to life on my computer and then produced them in physical form. Good design requires a joyous combination of creativity and problem solving, and I take great pride in seeing something I shaped virtually become tangible. My work has been realized in injection molded plastics, machined alloys, carbon fiber laminates, and ever increasingly in 3D printing; they have been sold through websites, wholesalers, and distributors worldwide.

The depth of my abilities was formed in an education in physics, mathematics, and engineering, while the breadth comes from 9 years of engineering and entrepreneurial experience. There are few aspects of product design and development with which I am unfamiliar, and my unique blend of experiences allow me to provide thoughtful, well-integrated products that exceed your expectations.

Working within CNC production environments and operating my own CNC router and mill for more than 5 years has given me an understanding of manufacturing feasibility, production economics, quality control, and tolerances rarely found in traditional cubical engineers. This experience has in turn informed and evolved my design abilities: Drawing molded parts that require fewer slides and feature cleaner parting lines, minimizing fixture requirements for alloy parts, and assembling carbon fiber pieces with tabs and slots to reduce hardware demands. The difference between good and great design isn't always evident in the final form, but is often seen in the bottom line.

In addition to normal engineering experience, my varied background has given me a unique blend of skills in complementary fields. I have written instruction manuals complete with CAD images and technical directions, as well as sent out press releases and sales guides with finished, watermarked photos. I have built web pages and populated eCommerce sites, creating logos and headers inspired by the very products I designed in Solidworks. I have taken on marketing roles, coordinated a worldwide team of championship-winning drivers, and even appeared on National Geographic’s "Showdown of the Unbeatables," representing and promoting my designs. My concepts and products have directly changed the face of an industry.

What can I bring to life for you?


  • Vanderbilt University Masters of Science, Mechanical Engineering 2009 graduation
  • Rhodes College Bachelors of Science, Physics, Mathematics, Psychology 2007 graduation


Dearborn, MI, United States