Electronics Engineering Technologist with several years of industry experience & training,
OACETT certification, and various achievements, scholarships & awards.

Logical Innovations Network (LIN) – PCB Design Engineer & Founder - London ON
 Provides ‘state-of-the-art’ PCB design services for industry clients.
Vision Circuit Technologies – PCB Layout Designer - Ottawa ON
 Revised schematics & layout designs for high-technology clients.
W.R. Davis Engineering – Electronic Engineer - Ottawa ON
 Built several MCU’s & power cabinets for a Segmented Wave Generator in South Korea.
Absopulse Electronics – Electronic Technologist - Ottawa ON
 Manual placement & soldering of Power Supply & Light Conversion circuits.
Mentor Graphics – Applications Engineer - Mississauga ON
 On-site Consultant & Technical Support Adviser for Ottawa & GTA high technology clients.

 Designed & Assembled (4) Master Control Units (MCUs) and (7) Power Cabinets used for
South Korea’s Segmented Wave Generator (SWG) – W.R. Davis Engineering
 Revised dozens of layouts & schematic designs for Ottawa high technology clients – Vision Circuits
 Manual Placement & Soldering of Power Supply and Power & Light Converter circuits -Absopulse
 Designed PCB revisions for the UAV Aircraft Control & Failsafe Management System – L.I.N.
 Arranged old schematics into logical hierarchy blocks for troubleshooting & analytical purposes – L.I.N.
 Reduced PCB board size by 40% to fit into a smaller case enclosure – L.I.N.
 Increased layout from 4-layer to 6-layer routing to improve board power convention – L.I.N.

 PCB Design Software – Altium Designer; Cadence Allegro; Mentor PADS & Expedition; EAGLE;
Pulsonix; DesignSpark PCB; IPC Library Expert
 3D Mechanical Software – DesignSpark Mechanical; CADopia InteleCAD
 Engineering Software – Maple; Matlab; Turbo C++; Basic, C, and Pascal Programing;
FPGAs >> SoC Embedded Development, SDK for OpenCL, ModelSim, DSP, C++ HLS
 Operating Systems – Windows 7 & 10; Linux; Android, iOS; MacOS

 Millennium Scholarship – Parliament of Canada
 Academic Awards – St. Lawrence College
 Most Improved Player Award – St. Lawrence College Men’s Basketball Team
 Athletic Scholarship – H.B. Beal High School Senior Boys Basketball Team


Joined: June 13, 2017


London, Ontario, Canada