Kareem Gamal
Global rank:
4,398 / 26,225
Skill pts: 5
it is Kareem Gamal a Senior student at Mechanical Design and Production Department,Cairo University.
Kareem joined to student activities to improve his skills at the beginning of his study in the faculty, this made from him a social person more than before, after two years in this activities, Thanks to that he became good at some office job like writing, preparing Powerpoint presentations and Emailing.
after that and after he grew up and gained knowledge related to mechanical engineering field, he found that he should join a technical activities, he was a member in chassis team in Formula student racing team (FSRT),the team which represents Cairo university in formula student competition, his job to build a space frame chassis according to the competition rules. that's was the main reason to be good at 3D drawing (Soildworks), Finite elements analysis (Abaqus) and Computer programming (Matlab)


  • Faculty of Engineering- Cairo University Bachelor , Mechanical Design and Production 2017 graduation


Giza, Al Jizah, Egypt