Global rank:
7,169 / 82,705
Skill pts: 5
3D CAD Rendering 3D Model & 2D Drawings Autodesk Inventor Autodesk Inventor CAD Design Machine Design Product disign Scheet Metal Design Welding


Natuurlijk! Hier is de vertaling en het lijstje in het Engels:

1. Experience in Machine Design
- Expertise in conceptualizing and developing machinery to meet specific needs.
- Proficiency in CAD software for creating detailed machine schematics and models.
- Knowledge of mechanical systems and components for optimal performance and efficiency.

2. End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT)
- Skilled in designing and implementing end-of-arm tooling for robotic systems.
- Understanding of various EOAT applications, such as gripping, welding, and inspection.
- Familiarity with materials and technologies to ensure durability and functionality of EOAT.

3. Construction
- Experience in overseeing the construction and assembly of mechanical systems and machines.
- Competence in coordinating with multidisciplinary teams during the construction phase.
- Ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues during machine assembly and testing.


Joined: June 16, 2024

Last seen: July 9, 2024


English Professional working proficiency

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Herentals, Belgium