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Mission Statement
Taking digital graphics, to encapsulate it with real-world applications, by providing a workable applications that business and individual can use. Matching the natural laws and principles of life functions, to manipulated values. To meet the needs of America’s fast paces and unrest-ed social environment, will require precautions in safety regulations and ownership setting.

After studying under a Certified Electronic Technician Professor Lamar Thurman, Dean of Business and Public Service Technologies Michael Fennell to gain the above Associate Degree in Technical Arts and Science at The University of Georgia Northwestern Technical College. Presently attending The University of DeVry pursuing a Bachelor's Degree Software Engineering. Highlighting: Mobile App Development, Web Page Design, AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning), IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud Computing, and Project Management.
In the Mission Statement "Encapsulating Digital Graphics and Real-World Object" identifies the (Object Oriented Programming) OOP another side of software engineering tools to develop an ideal model of representation. (To be continued)


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