Startup ideas- Solar fintech/coin,Tourism,Supply chain integration,Pharma sales automation,Paint machine automation,Truck loading unloading mechanism,Food tech- sales/processing,Ship with high bypass engine,Non propellor based drone,Supply chain automation for railways/metro ,Vending system different concept,Half company- Half grid pods optimisation,Robot wheels,Third rail concept new applications,Replacing bridges with supply chain,Vacuum packaging,Decentralised cooling/heating,Space tech supply chain,ownership.
Entrepreneur in search of teams, learning, resources, mentors , intrapreneurship, remote jobs, more online for startups across multiple industries, sectors.

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Could you assist me in executing startup ideas & finding engineers, website developers, other team members for startups who could work on equity sharing basis? Volunteers are also welcome.
You can forward this email to the responsible person/team.


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