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My experience with design and the process of creation begun 8 years ago, when I attended my first class in Architecture School. From that day until my recent graduation I have gained a great amount of experience both on creation tools and on the initial, inherent question of how one brings ideas to life. I am trying to constantly enhance my skills on design software covering a wide range: from 3d modeling and rendering to visualization of ideas, from designing on the field of a two dimensional space (posters, logos, identity and publications) to designing on/for the three dimensional space (models, objects, spaces, environments). As aforementioned the program palette I cover includes Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Indesign for graphic design, Autodesk Maya & Rhinoceros 3D for modeling and animations, Vray for visualizations. In order to ensure my knowledge of design tools and technologies I have also attained some basics on scripting techniques on Processing, Python, Grasshopper and creative coding in general. I am looking forward to expand my skills on those sectors. I have taken part in various competitions, workshops, design projects in team environments as well as on my own. Looking forward for a chance of cooperation and further advancement of my services.